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And there is already coverage from the BBC.

Also in the Guardian Unlimited UK.

And check out this brief list:


“My Secret: A PostSecret Book” by Frank Warren
“My War: Killing Time In Iraq” by Colby Buzzell
“Crashing the Gate” by Jerome Armstrong and Markos Moulitsas
“So Close: Infertile and Addicted to Hope” by Tertia Albertyn
“Words in a French Life” by Kristin Espinasse
“Small is the New Big” by Seth Godin


“The Doorbells of Florence” by Andrew Losowsky
“Monster Island” by David Wellington
“BreakupBabe: A Novel” by Rebecca Agiewich
“Albert the Third” by Slim Palmer
“Messages From the Lost Continent” conceived and edited by Horst Prillinger
“Methuselah’s Daughter” by J.A. Eddy and Dean Esmay


“Mom’s Cancer” by Brian Fies
“Born of Nifty: Sluggy Freelance Megatome 01” by Pete Abrams
“The Definition of Awesome: Another Joe and Monkey Collection” by Zach Miller

The judges are Arianna Huffington, Julie Powell, Rohit Gupta, Nick Cohen and Chair of Judges — Paul Jones.