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new ibiblio record over 24 million files in one day

Munch - Ashes
Thanks to Google’s Edvard Munch celebration yesterday and to the historic WebMuseum hosted on ibiblio, we handled over 24 million requests yesterday — about 10 million of those for images of Munch’s paintings.

Our Cogent link to Atlanta managed the extra requests easily without going over our limit (in the 500 mbs range). And thanks to Squid caching, our servers easily handled the load.

Overall, a great test of our new datacenter and networking arrangement with NCREN and a big success there for all of us.

Thanks to Nicholas Pioch of Netscape-AOL France for maintaining the Web Museum for almost 15 years and to Mark Harden for his contributions to the Munch area.


  1. Beyond a great pat on the back for ibiblio, a fantastic demo of the utility of OSS (for instance, squid ).

  2. Congrats to the Labratz team on surviving the Google Effect !
    I just came across this page:

    you may want to request NCREN to correct 12 gigabytes to 12 terabytes.

  3. Paul

    12/15/2006 at 3:59 pm

    They have it fixed now. I proofed that too. Yikes.

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