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#noemail Round Up

Luis Suarez and Claire Burge continue their every other Thursday vodcasts Tomorrow, Mar 26, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM (EDT-US) with Life w/o eMail – Episode IV – eMail Is Broken, What Can Be Done? #noemail

There will be a live Q&A session as well during the live vodcast, so you can share across any potential questions you may have for the co-hosts. Come and join us! It will be fun!
The hashtag for this vodcasting series as well as the ‘Life Without eMail’ movement will be #noemail

Claire tells her personal story to 3XE Digital in What Happened When I Gave Up Email.

BBC Capital’s Renuka Rayasam interviews Claire and others in The end of the inbox: Companies that banned email

“Email is a very selfish tool,” explained Burge, who now runs a Dublin-based consultancy called Get Organised. “People dump tasks into each other’s inboxes without thinking about whether they are being considerate.” The result is that “you become a slave to your inbox checking your email first thing in the morning until you go to bed.”

Farhad Manjoo of New York Times discovers and enjoys Slack, the Office Messaging App That May Finally Sink Email

Following up only a few days later, Manjoo writing with Mike Isaac notices Slack Said to Be in Talks to Raise Money at More Than $2 Billion Valuation. That’s BILLION with a B.

But the most insidious news comes from Huffington Post as Alexis Kleinman writes about Crystal App as This App Wants To Change Email Forever — By Getting Inside Your Head. Crystal helps you write empathetic posts to each person you email with based on a profile developed by you and your past history with that person.

With the personality profile, you’ll see advice on how to speak to the person, email them, work with them and sell to them. You’ll even be told what comes naturally to them and what does not. Crystal also displays something called “accuracy confidence,” based on how much information the app could find about the person


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  1. Thanks for the roundup Paul…
    Crystal sounds both completely logical and deeply intrusive!

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