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The page for more reasonable traffic laws. Laws that will actually promote safety and smoother traffic flow. Laws that are set by traffic engineers and not bureaucrats.

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States' Attitudes Toward Speed Limits
What states new speed limits will be now the the NMSL is gone, what their limits use to be and more!

Effects of Raising and Lowering Speed Limits
A study that finds low speed limits are irrelevant!

Speed Related Argument Database
A database that will help you disprove almost anything that the insurance companies or the like can throw at you.

The Driving Adventures Page
Mine, others and your driving stories.

the Cops, the Courts, and the Insurance Companies Don't Want You to Know.

The Onslaught Begins
An article so controversial that the NMA included a disclaimer.

DWI: Are We Going in the Right Direction?
A must read for anyone who really cars about getting the drunks off our roads.

School Buses and Motorists [new!]
My new proposed solution to make school buses less annoying and benefit everyone.

The WWW Speedtrap Registry
Shall I say more... A definite must see!

The National Motorists Association
"Advocating, protecting, and representing the interests of North American motorists since 1982"
They are the only association that got the NMSL repeal pushed through Congress and the only association that really cares about reasonable speed limits and more sensible traffic laws. If you care anything about what is presented here, I strongly urge you to join them. I am a member (#117319).

National Coalition for the Abolition of Speed Limits
A newly formed group that advocates the abolition of all speed limits except in large cities, business districts, and residential areas

Speed Limits
In general, they are set too low.

Drivers Education and Testing in America
In one word it sucks.

The Art of Driving
All sorts of tips.

Passing on the Right and Related
It's simple: stay right, pass left.

2 Lane Highways
In order for them to work well we must cooperate on them.

Driving While Intoxicated
Most serious accidents happen at a BAC of .15% or higher

Abuse of Traffic Controlling Devices
Stop signs to slow you down, the "short yellow trap".

Safety features of cars - the good and the bad
Daytime runnning lights, airbags, and more.

Cars and the Environment
Target the gross polluters.

Avoiding the Speeding Tax
Until we get more reasonable speed limits, the best we can do is avoid the "speeding tax".

Other Stuff of Interest
Usenet articles of interest and more.

School Buses
They are annoying, but they don't have to be.

Traffic Psychology

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Comments about RDU
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Nice Things people said about RDU

What I hope to make of this page, pending projects, etc.

Articles Written by Me
that are related to issues on these pages.

RDU Member Only Area

A look at past home pages.

RDU Intro Survey Results
(Not the current survey)

Me, Kevin Atkinson
If you want to find out more about me, Kevin Atkinson, this is the place to look.

RDU's intro page; The one to use when linking to this site.

SunSITE's Home Page
The home page of the people who provided this space. Thanks SunSITE!

If you drive 100% legally you statistical increase your chances of getting in or causing an accident. (Well-known fact)
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