T E M P O R A   H E R O I C A


As you may have discovered, Tempora Heroica has been unreachable since the end of July 2016. I have filed help tickets with the ibiblio staff and am waiting patiently for support. Until the networking and software issues are resolved, the MUD is unfortunately offline. I hope to have us back online some day soon, but I do not know when it will be. Until then keep your sword sharp and your spells ready. See you after the reboot.
— Magnifico

When I heard this I slung my silver-hilted
broadsword on, and shouldered my long bow,
and said, ‘Come, take me back the way you came.’

Homer – The Odyssey

Welcome to Tempora Heroica

Have you ever read a novel and been so wrapped up in the story that you wondered what it would be like to be part of that world?

Upon entering the world of Tempora Heroica, you begin an adventure to realms of fantasy where you can battle terrible monsters and invoke power magical spells — just like what you have read in a good fantasy novel. However, there is one major difference, here you aren’t just reading, you are also doing. On Tempora Heroica, you are the hero!

Our unique world of fantasy and adventure awaits! Explore it from the comfort of your own chair and computer. On Tempora Heroica, you have multiple options and how you chose to play your hero is totally up to you.

So begin your adventure today and take your first steps along your hero’s journey.

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