T E M P O R A   H E R O I C A

The Realms

The philosophy of building on Tempora Heroica is to provide richly detailed areas that are as interesting to explore as it is to read a well-written novel. Not only does each area (room) on the MUD have a good description, but also each object and monster (mobile) has an equally creative description. This brings to Tempora Heroica the highest literary standard available in an on-line, role-playing environment and is likely unmatched by any graphical MMORPGs and most text-based MUDs as well.

The World

A travelogue featuring some of the places that can be visited while exploring the world of Tempora Heroica.


Maps made by explorers of the Tempora Heroica world.

Tasks and Quests

An explanation of what tasks and quests are on Tempora Heroica and how they can be found.