T E M P O R A   H E R O I C A

Your Hero

If you’re wondering about how to create a hero for Tempora Heroica and what to do once you have, this section has guides that will be of help.

Hero Creation

Advice on how to make a new hero on Tempora Heroica.

Getting Started

Advice on how to begin to playing the MUD and where your hero should first go on Tempora Heroica.

New Mage Guide

Helpful advice on how to begin a mage hero and what he or she should do to learn the ropes on Tempora Heroica. Note that this guide has useful pointers for players who are not playing a mage as well.


A demographic breakdown of the kiths on Tempora Heroica and information about the many races available for heroes.


Information about the clans option and the optional player-versus-player combat system.