What if you couldn’t read the news?

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ibiblio is very proud to provide hosting for two valuable organizations that serve the vision and print impaired by delivering news and print publications live on the radio and streaming online.

Volunteers at Triangle Radio Reading Service (TRRS)   have been reading publications like The Wall Street Journal, The News and Observer, and Smithsonian magazine since 1983.

The newer Down East Radio Reading Service broadcasts out of Rocky Mount, NC with a similar lineup, including periodicals like The New Yortk Times Magazine, Readers Digest, and The Rocky Mount Telegram.

When asked “How would your life be different if TRRS did not exist?” listeners said:

I’d be lost, it’s a blessing to me.”

“It adds to the richness of my life.”

 DERRS listeners feel similarly:

“I have had some rough times. I can’t believe someone takes their time to read all the news to me and it doesn’t even cost me a cent. I’m so glad there are still some mighty good folks in this world.”

“I never knew about such a service during all the years I had my eyesight.  Now that I can no longer read, I am so grateful that someone cares enough to read to me.”

Here’s a sample of the good work these organizations are doing. Volunteer John Pasteur reads from the April 1 issue of The New Yorker:

To learn more about these organizations and how you can support them, click the links above, or to find a similar service in your part of the country, visit the International Association of Audio Information Services.