The Bomb and ibiblio

With bombs like these, who needs enemies

In 1961, hydrogen bombs was dropped in eastern North Carolina. By all accounts, it’s still there in the middle of a field near Faro, NC. Cliff Nelson, Nick Harrison, Andrew Leung and Megan Butler created a web-based report on the bomb for JOMC 188, Cybercasting and Cyberpublishing in Fall 2000. Like much of the material here at the Public’s Library and Archive, it’s here and as live, as perhaps the bombs themselves.

The bombs have gotten some new attention in a Guardian exclusive report (here).

You can read the ibiblio-hosted report, “Broken Arrow: The Truth [as it was known in 2000] Behind North Carolina’s Brush with Nuclear Disaster” and see what’s been found since 2000.

small bomb

Note: corrected contact information for Cliff Nelson now in article and here.