Waee, v1.p138, v1.p168

Waeedeek, a Bramin learned in the Vedas, v1.p23

Wagnuck, or tiger's claws, v1.p172

Waite, Sir Nicholas, v1.p422

Wakinkerah, v1.p345, Siege of, v1.p405

Walker, Major Alexander, sent with a detachment to join the Gaekwar's army, v1.p216, Is attacked by Mulhar Rao, v1.p217, Appointed president, v1.p217, Prudence and ability of, v1.p218, v1.p365

Wallace, Colonel, v3.p291

Walmeek, v1.p23

Wankanees, v1.p236, One of Sivajee's principal officers.

Wanprist, Hindoo devotees, v1.p14

Waree, v1.p138, v1.p187

Warungole, the ancient capital of Telingana, v1.p47, v1.p66

Wasil Mohummud, v3.p455

Wassota, v1.p149, v3.p341, Besieged and reduced by Gokla, v3.p342, Taken by the British, v3.p481

Watson, Admiral, v2.p88

Wauchope, Mr., v3.p405

Wellesley, Major-General, the Honourable Arthur, v3.p192, Directed to march towards Poona, v3.p229, Joined by the Jagheerdars, v3.p250, Reaches Poona, v3.p250, Negotiation with the confederates, v3.p233, Attacks Ahmednugur, v3.p236, Prudence and decision of, v3.p239, Attacks and defeats the confederates, v3.p241, Proceedings of, v3.p259

Wellesley, Marquis, v3.p168, v3.p176, v3.p194, Marquis Wellesley's preparations, v3.p234, Issues orders to attack Holkar, v3.p275, Popular clamour against his administration, v3.p303

Welsh, Lieutenant, v2.p416

Weysh, the third of the four grand divisions of Hindoo casts, v1.p9, v1.p12

Wilke, Colonel, v1.p1, &c.

Wilson, Lieut. Nathan. Anecdote of, at the battle of Assaye, v3.p242

Wilson, Major J. A., v3.p415

Wingate, Assistant-Surgeon, v3.p434

Wiswas Rao, v2.p120, v2.p142, v2.p155

Wittojee Bhonslay, the grand uncle of Sivajee, v1.p89

Wittul Sewdeo, (Jagheerdar of Vinchoor,) v2.p71, v2.p140, v2.p170

Wittul Soondar, v2.p171

Women of the Mahratta country, v1.p18

Woodington, Lieut.-Colonel, v1.p217, v1.p219, Takes Baroach and Pawungurh, v1.p245

Wukeel-i-Mootluq, Supreme Deputy Governor of the Moghul empire, a dignity conferred on Nizam Ool Moolk, v1.p478, v3.p32, Insignia of; presented to the Peishwa.

Wurgaom, battle of, v2.p371, Negotiation at, v2.p378, and convention of, v2.p377

Wurn shunkur, v1.p14

Wussuntgurh, v1.p28, Taken by Aurungzebe, v1.p392

Wutun, v1.p41, v1.p43

Wyllie, Assistant-Surgeon, v3.p455

This collection transcribed by Chris Gage
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