Red, white & bluegrass

Various artists

Label:CMH CD 8057
Release Date:2001-02-13
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2001-03

Song Information:

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1. Star spangled bannerCharlie Cushman & Randy Howard
2. Cincinnati, OhioOsborne Brothers
3. Alabama jubileeMerle Travis & Joe Maphis
4. California blues (Blue yodel #4)Josh Graves & Billy Troy
5. Arkansas travelerFiddlin' Red Herron
6. Peach pickin' time in GeorgiaMerle Travis
7. KentuckyMac Wiseman
8. Stars and stripes foreverStar Spangled Band
9. Georgia piney woodsOsborne Brothers
10. Colorado calling meJim & Jesse and the Virginia Boys
11. Pennsylvania polkaArthur Smith & Don Reno
12. There ain't a cow in TexasMerle Travis
13. I'm going back to old KentuckyOsborne Brothers
14. Dixie in my eyeEddie Adcock Band
15. America, the beautifulStar Spangled Band