Banjo collection : 25 bluegrass banjo favorites

Various artists

Label:Rural Rhythm RHY 300
Release Date:2005-03-15
Country:United States
   Amazon ASIN: B0007QS4LO

Song Information:

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1. Bully of the townDoug Dillard
2. Dill pickle ragDon Reno
3. Salt CreekRed Smiley & the Blue Grass Cutups
4. Whoa muleRaymond Fairchild
5. Backtrackin'Mac Martin & the Dixie Travelers
6. Banjo on the mountainHylo Brown & his Timberliners 1:45
Recording Date:1966
Place:Akron, OH
Instruments:Frank 'Hylo' Brown-g; other personnel not known
7. Cumberland GapDoug Dillard
8. She'll be coming around the mountainRaymond Fairchild
9. Under the double eagleDon Reno
10. I don't love nobodyMac Martin & the Dixie Travelers
11. Dear old DixieRed Smiley & the Blue Grass Cutups
12. Maggie Valley boundRaymond Fairchild
13. Flop eared muleBobby Atkins
14. Limehouse bluesDon Reno
15. Sugar in the gourdMac Martin & the Dixie Travelers
16. John HenryRaymond Fairchild
17. MaggieHylo Brown & his Timberliners 2:30
Recording Date:1967
Place:Akron, Ohio
Instruments:Frank 'Hylo' Brown-g; Laura Adkins-bj; Roy Ross-m; Danny Milhon-db; Gerald Evans-f; Charles Ross-sb
Vocals:Frank 'Hylo' Brown-V
18. Silver bellsRed Smiley & the Blue Grass Cutups
19. Weary lonesome bluesMac Martin & the Dixie Travelers
20. Tom DooleyRaymond Fairchild
21. Grandfather's clockJim Greer & the Mac-O-Chee Valley Boys
22. East Tennessee bluesMac Martin & the Dixie Travelers
23. Jumpin' the fretsBobby Smith
24. Home sweet homeDoug Dillard
25. Early arrivalJohn McEuen