Back to the well

Daughters of Bluegrass

Label:Blue Circle BCR 003
Release Date:2006-03-14
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2006-11

Song Information:

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1. Go back to the well3:37
Composer:Lorraine Jordan-Tom T. Hall
Vocals:Dale Ann Bradley-L
2. Homesick for the hills3:09
Composer:Dixie & Tom T. Hall
Vocals:Dale Ann Bradley-L; Julie Elkins-V; Vickie Simmons-V
3. Come on down the mountain2:32
Composer:Becky Buller
Vocals:Becky Buller-L; Valerie Smith, Vickie Simmons, Jeanette Williams, Michelle Nixon-V
4. Hickory wind2:58
Composer:Gram Parsons-Bob Buchanan
Vocals:Lorraine Jordan-L: Jeanette Williams-
5. Never made it home4:12
Composer:David A. Thompson
Vocals:Julie Elkins-L; Gena Britt, Beth Lawrence-V
6. How's it feel2:59
Composer:Dixie & Tom T. Hall
Vocals:Jeanette Williams-L; Michelle Nixon-V
7. Still feel the nails3:36
Composer:Tim Tew
Vocals:Gena Britt-L; Jeanette Williams-V
8. Hicker Nut Ridge3:14
Composer:Ron Sweet
Vocals:Mindy Rakestraw-L; Lorraine Jordan, Frances Mooney-V
9. Fools gold4:28
Composer:Louisa Branscomb
Vocals:Frances Mooney-L: Minday Rakestraw-V
10. Prisoner song3:03
Vocals:Gena Britt-L
11. Pocket knives & fiddle tunes2:55
Composer:Tommy Austin
Vocals:Valerie Smith-L; Becky Buller, Vickie Simmons-V
12. Picture of Jesus3:19
Composer:Dixie & Tom T. Hall
Vocals:Heather Berry-L; Jeanette Williams-V
13. Grass angels2:45
Composer:Michelle Nixon-Loni Kirklin
Vocals:Michelle Nixon-L; Jeanette Williams, Gena Britt-V