The fiddle collection

Benny Martin

Label:CMH CD 9452
Release Date:2007-10-09
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2008-07
County Sales:#289
   Amazon ASIN: B000VR05CK

Song Information:

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1. Muleskinner blues
2. Sweet bunch of daisies
3. Alabama jubilee
4. Home, sweet home
5. Little footprints in the snow
6. Georgiana moon
7. Back up and push
8. Flint Hill special
9. Blue moon of Kentucky
10. Bile 'em cabbage down
11. Salty dog
12. The fiddler's dream
13. Dueling fiddles
14. Lara's theme
15. Black Mountain rag
16. Under the double eagle
17. How will I explain about you
18. Beautiful dreamer
19. Foggy Mountain breakdown
20. Ragtime Annie
21. Fire on the mountain
22. Bury me beneath the willow
23. Cotton-eyed Joe
24. Sunny side of the mountain
25. Night train to Memphis
26. Freight train blues
27. Cruisin' on the blue Danube
28. Lee Highway blues