The Smith Sisters

Label:Flying Fish FF 496
Release Date:1989
Country:United States
Barcode:018964049614 ID: 8237253
   Amazon ASIN: B001PYWIN2

Song Information:

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A-1. The River and the moon4:38
Composer:Verlon Thompson-Steve Dean
A-2. Dancyville Road2:43
Composer:Guy Clark-Richard Leigh
A-3. Crazy over you3:30
Composer:Hank Riddle
A-4. River roll on2:42
Composer:Wayland Holyfield-Brent Maher
A-5. Fire of change3:02
Composer:Buddy Mondlock
B-1. Virginia3:24
Composer:Debi Smith
B-2. French Broad River waltz2:57
Composer:Jim Magill
B-3. All through throwing good love after bad2:48
Composer:Guy Clark-Richard Leigh
B-4. Closer now than ever3:50
Composer:David Mallett
B-5. The Bramble and the rose3:07
Composer:Barbara Keith