Let Him lead you

Larry Sparks

Label:Rebel REB-CD 7527
Release Date:2011-06-07
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2011-08
County Sales:#312
   Amazon ASIN: B005BY8MJ6

Song Information:

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1. Let Him lead you2:56
2. Going up home to live in green pastures2:32
3. That awful day2:16
4. I want to die easy, Lord3:03
5. Gonna be movin'2:00
6. Snow covered mound2:33
7. Battle of Armegeddon3:15
8. Gospel train3:06
9. Old Satan3:38
10. Call out to Jesus2:33
11. Great high mountain3:13
12. I am the man, Thomas2:09
13. When I lay my burden's down3:59
14. When my time comes to go2:43