Dreams of home

Joe Isaacs & the Calvary Mountain Boys

Label:Old Homestead OHS 90015
Release Date:1973-05
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1973-06

Song Information:

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B-7. Lonesome Valley2:47
B-6. I am the man Thomas2:11
B-5. Mother's not dead3:09
B-4. Come and dine2:19
B-3. I'm ashamed2:14
B-2. The wandering boy2:27
B-1. Land beyond the sun3:16
A-7. When he reached down His hand2:45
A-6. Blessed savior2:09
A-5. No mother or dad2:43
A-4. Woe, woe, woe3:21
A-3. No depression2:14
A-2. Wading through deep water2:35
A-1. Dreams of home2:47