Modern times

The New Lost City Ramblers

Label:Folkways FTS 31027
Release Date:1968-11
Country:United States ID: 3419735
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Song Information:

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A-1. Shut up in the mines at Coal Creek2:50
A-2. 31 depression blues3:10
A-3. That little lump of coal3:15
A-4. Union man2:40
A-5. Got the farm land blues3:08
A-6. We are up against it now2:41
A-7. From Earth to Heaven2:45
A-8. Henry Ford's model A2:00
A-9. Truck driving man2:42
B-1. Dollar down and a dollar a week1:55
B-2. Dear Okie2:12
B-3. From 40 to 652:53
B-4. Private John Q2:02
B-5. Weaver's life3:05
B-6. The death of Ellenton2:09
B-7. Take them for a ride2:50
B-8. Timetable blues2:43
B-9. Bye, bye, black smoke choo choo2:44