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Articles by -ISM (N.) Faculty

Lessons Learned from the National Video Diversity Project
by Mary Childers, Dartmouth College
(Published in the March/April 1997 issue of Change Magazine)

The Practice of Freedom in the Academy
by Linda Holtzman, Webster University

Oppression, Power, Inequality: An Interdisciplinary Approach
by Delores Cleary, Central WashingtonUniversity

Storyboarding 101: Turning Concepts into Visual Forms
by Lin Huff-Corzine, University of Central Florida

When Teachers Unexpectedly Learn
by Teresa Graham Brett, Charles F. Behling, and Jeffrey D. Brake, University of Michigan

Autobiography in Multicultural Education: Reading, Writing, and Video Production
by Teresa Graham Brett, Charles F. Behling, and Jeffrey D. Brake, University of Michigan

Losing Control and Discovering Our Cultural Identities
by Jeffrey D. Brake, Teresa Graham Brett, and Charles F. Behling, University of Michigan

CriticISM: Visuality as Activism in the Academy
by Michael Emme

Course File for "Crossing Boundaries: Diversity and Representation"
by Beverly Seckinger, University of Arizona

Echoing Voices: Crossing Boundaries through Personal Videos
by Marisa Vitiello, University of Arizona

Brief Encounters: Video Diaries in the Classroom
by Kathy Corley, Webster University

Practicing Difference Differently: Cyborg Consciousness and Political Practice
by Julia Balen, University of Arizona

Ideological and Pedagogical Assumptions in Collaborative Teaching
by Jean Lorelle Paul, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Video Diaries: A Visual Literacy Case Study
by Maria Christina Santana, Unversity of Central Florida

Intersections of Identity: Using Social Identity Development Models in Teaching
by Heather W. Hackman, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

by Colette Cummings, Webster University

The Speech Communication Teacher: An Experiential Intercultural Communication/Video Documentary Course
by Sandy Sudweeks, Golden West Community College

Forget You're on Television: The President's Initiative on Race
by Tony Deifell, IPMA Executive Director
(Published in January 1998 in the Philanthropy Journal of North Carolina)

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