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Teaching Team

Dianne Cyr, Dr. Neil Dominas, Dr. Yvonne Frye, Larry Sheffey


The Community College of Denver's -ISM (N.) course was offered through three departments: Human Services, Communications and Sociology. The course's title was "Diversity: Your Story".

The primary goals of this course were to address diversity issues in new ways using the documentary process as a tool and to change attitudes about diversity recognizing individual students' interests. In addition, the course aimed to create constructive public dialogue on diversity issues building better student relations and finding connections to the surrounding community. Students worked to define their own identities in their own voice.

Community Educational Activity

A September screening of student -ISM (N.) documentaries is planned, along with a panel discussion-including faculty and students from the Community College of Denver. Members of the off campus community, along with members of on campus organizations and students from local high schools will also be in attendance. Follow up video screenings and discussions are planned at various locations within the community. Faculty involved will have the opportunity to earn faculty professional development credit for their participation.

The Community College of Denver will coordinate students, faculty, staff and community participation in their annual "Into the Streets" initiative, sponsored by the Campus Outreach Opportunity League. Lastly, an -ISM (N.) contest for the representation of "isms" through the arts (i.e. poetry, essays, plays, music, art, photography, short stories, etc.) is planned.

Contact: Yvonne Frye,

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Resources Used In Course

Rosenthal, Alan. (1987). New Challenges for Documentary. Berkeley: University of California Press. (Pitzer) (Loyola) (CCD)

Student Video Topics

sexual abuse ... racism ... reverse discrimination ... lesbian identity and pride ... Chicana activism ... multiracial self-identity ... hate crimes ... individualism ... transsexual self-identity ...


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