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Course Title

Crossing Boundaries: Diversity and Representation

Teaching Team

Dr. Julia Balen, Beverly Seckinger, Marisa Vitiello


This course is designed to address issues of diversity through video documentary. Participants will cross the boundaries that divide us on personal, institutional, and community levels in order to learn to deal with "isms" more creatively and effectively.

Course work will consist of the three following interrelated components:

  • Theoretical analysis of "isms". Through readings, movies, invited lectures and panel discussions the class will develop an understanding of multi-disciplinary theories and analysis of various "isms" and the powerful role that representation has played in their elaboration.

  • Group processing/reflection. Students will gain a working understanding of group processes, power dynamics and negotiating differences, and how these processes relate to the personal component of the course will offer tools for more effectively dealing with difference.

  • Video Production. Students will develop enough video skills to produce individual and group projects that offer research and analysis of the workings of "isms" in our own lives and on our campus.
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