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Teaching Team

Dr. Mary Childers, Mike Murray, Sandra Spiegel


Dartmouth's -ISM (N.) course was offered through the Film Studies department and was titled, "Creative Video".

The course focused on the topic of diversity, in particular the use of video to explore the role that various "isms" play in student's lives. The course aimed to teach students how to address diversity issues using the video documentary process; to help students become more reflective about their attitudes towards diversity and their own self-interests; to develop students' skills at fostering constructive public dialogue on diversity issues and at building better relationships among various groups of students.

Community Educational Activity

Dartmouth, working jointly with Society Organized Against Racism in New England Higher Education (SOAR), will build its Community Educational Activity around the annual SOAR Conference, located this year on Dartmouth College's campus. The conference will unite approximately 200 people from different ethnic groups, personalities, communication styles, and backgrounds in an effort to work together, share expertise, and learn from one another. Workshops will be organized to familiarize conference participants with video tools that may help them address diversity issues on their campuses.

Contact: Mary Childers, mary.m.childers@dartmouth.edu

Resources Used In Course

Gitlin, Todd. (1995). The Twilight of Common Dreams: Why America is Wracked by Culture Wars. New York: Metropolitan Books. (Dartmouth)

Sidel, Ruth. (1995). Battling Bias: The Struggle for Identity and Community on College Campuses. New York: Viking Penguin. (Dartmouth)

Bennett, Christian I. "Research on Racial Issues in American Higher Education", Handbook of Research on Multicultural Education. Ed. James A. Banks, New York: Macmillan Publishers, 1995. (Dartmouth)

Garr, Shauna. (1994) The Ride. Road Trap Productions, Inc. (Dartmouth)

Reynolds, Debbi. (1995) Black like Who. University of Southern California School of Cinema and Television. (Dartmouth) (Cal)

Williams, Marco. (1992) In Search of Our Fathers. Conjure Films. (Dartmouth)

Student Video Topics

narcissism ... gay pride ... self-identity through personal tragedy ... West Indian pride ... music and its transcendence of culture and race ... Native American self-identity ... self-image and pride for African American women ... Cape Verdian pride ... sex and virginity


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