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Money "Talks" Management

Moose Magoon, Press Officer

[Photos © Phil Franks]

I'm getting used to people that slept on my floor in Portobello Road, and who have since become rich & famous, have their security personnel check me out for concealed weapons. So it came as little surprise, when after calling Nik at home, not a thousand miles away from the Druidstone Hotel, where we stay every summer in Wales, to ask if , after all these years he'd have some time to see me, I was greeted with, "Philm man, how the DEVIL are you?... I'm awfully busy... gotta get the kids to bed, I'll send Moose over to your hotel tomorrow, he'll be in the area doing some promotion for the gig we're doing in a couple of weeks, it's a benefit for a local school, the council is cutting their funding. We're playing at a wedding on Saturday, you MUST come. Are you comfortable there?... there's a bender here you could crash in?"

"Um... who's Moose Nik?"

"He's my Press Officer, I've just had to take on help, this thing's getting big, you'll see, I'm really lookin' forward to seeing you again man, last time was at Barney's studio, in the '80s right?"

"Uh, I really don't remember Nik, the last time I saw Barney was at his studio for sure, don't remember you being there."

"I remember you being there Phil, with an Italian lady. How the DEVIL are you? You must come to the gig on Saturday, Moose'll tell you all about it. I hope you're going to like what we do now, it's very different to what I was doing with Hawkwind. I'm really into Ornette Coleman, and these kids playing with me are really promising, we're called Nik Turner's Fantastic All Stars you know... anyway, how the DEVIL are you... ???"

[Photos © Phil Franks]

This guy Moose, when he did show up, bore an uncanny resemblance to Nik, I couldn't quite get over it. Like dogs come to look like their owners I thought, "... if Moose and Nik have been working together for a long time then it's not surprising, people often used to think that Barney Bubbles and I were brothers, sometimes."

Even stranger was seeing the two little pixies that followed Moose into the room.

I was sure I knew them from Ladbroke Grove 26 years ago... can't be!

"You got photos of Nik?", asked Sol.

"Yes, what a clever little girl you are", said I.

"HE's not a girl", snapped Elfin!

I must be getting old... long hair see!

"Anyway", growled Moose, bringing me back to reality in South Wales, 1996, "you know where the place is?... It's the only pub in town... you can't miss it... be there! Nik's put you on the guest list just like old times!"

"A wedding reception eh, Moose?"

"Yep, don't miss it !"

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