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Dissertation Information for Beverly Gene Abbey

- Beverly Gene Abbey

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of North Texas (USA) (1992)

- Jon Young

- Donald B. Cleveland
- Norman Howden
- Karen L. Ford

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: The impact of computer instruction on the near transfer and far transfer of a general problem-solving strategy

Abstract: Hypotheses related to the transfer of a general problem solving strategy were tested in this study. A modified Solomon Four-Group design was used to control for threats to internal validity and to consider external validity factors. One-half of each of three intact groups of university students were given the Means-Ends Problem Solving pretest. Two of the groups received instruction on a means-ends problem solving strategy using Lemmings, a commercial game/simulation. One treatment group was instructed on the computer; one group was instructed by a classroom teacher. Near transfer was assessed 1 week later using additional levels of increasing difficulty from Lemmings. The computer group was presented the transfer tasks on the computer; the classroom group was presented paper-and-pencil tasks using screen prints from Lemmings. One week after the near transfer tasks, far transfer was assessed using an alternate portion of the Means-Ends Problem Solving procedure.

Results indicated a significant difference in relevancy gain scores on the far transfer posttest between the treatment groups and the control group (p $<$.0001). No significant difference was found in far transfer relevancy scores between the two treatment groups. No significant difference was found in the near transfer relevancy scores between the treatment groups, but there was a significant difference in the number of correct solutions (p $<$.05). The classroom instructed group successfully solved more levels.

It appears that the ability to transfer a general problem solving heuristic within a domain and across domains can be profoundly improved. A computer can be effectively used to improve transfer across domains.

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