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Dissertation Information for Abdulrazzaq H. Ali

- Abdulrazzaq H. Ali

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Florida State University (USA) (1997)

- Thomas L. Hart

- Karla Kelsay
- Pamela Barron
- F. William Summers
- Eliza T. Dresang

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: A comparative study of the perceptions of the school library media specialist's role as perceived by principals, teachers, and school library media specialists in public schools in the State of Kuwait

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to investigate the divergence and congruence in the role perceptions of the school library media specialists (SLMS) held by principals, teachers, and SLMS at elementary, intermediate, and secondary school levels in the State of Kuwait. Another attempt of the study was to determine whether differences in role perceptions of the SLMS occurred among SLMS at different education levels and different school levels. The study further sought to compare the actual role of the SLMS with the role of the SLMS defined in Information Power (ALA, 1988).

The Role Expectations of Library Media Specialists (RELMS), an attitude questionnaire developed for studying media specialists' perceptions of role was used in this study. On a five point Likert-type scale, respondents were asked to indicate their strength of agreement or disagreement with the way things really are in their school library media centers. The questionnaire was handed to a sample of 600 respondents and a total of 83% response rate was obtained. The Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) computer program was used in this study. Factor analysis was performed and four factors emerged: Teaching/Instructional Consultant Role, Management Role, Traditional Role, and Media Role. T-tests and Levene's tests were performed to test for differences between groups and within the SLMS group.

Findings indicated that there were no significant differences between teachers and principals as to their perceptions of role of the SLMS. Significant differences in perceptions were found between teachers and SLMS for the Teaching/Instructional Role, and Management Role, and no significant differences were found between them for the Traditional Role and the Media Role. At the 0.05 level, role perceptions held by principals were statistically significant from the perceptions of SLMS for all roles except for the Traditional Role. No significant differences in perceptions were found among the SLMS themselves at different school levels. Also, no significant differences were found among SLMS of different education levels. Thorough analysis of Information Power (1988), revealed that the guidelines identified and supported the Teaching/Instructional Role, the Management Role, and the Media Role that emerged in this study.

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