Beverly Botsford
Cross-Cultural Percussionist
P.O. Box 62312
Durham, NC 27715
(919) 384-8418



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Ritmos Sabrosos

Taste the many flavors of Latin American rhythms, including Brazilian samba, batucada and Cuban rumba, guiro y son. A multi-lingual celebration. Joined by a guest musician.

Singing Hands - Around the World in Rhythm and Song

Singer/guitarist Elise Witt is a consummate performer, a witty and intelligent composer, a multilinguist, and a prolific recording artist. Together, Elise and Beverly are the guides on a musical journey exploring song and rhythm from cultures around the globe. In this inspired collaboration, they share knowledge from their travels through Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas, in a participatory celebration of the two oldest forms of musical expression voice and drums. Performance, workshop, and/or residency. For more information on Elise, see

African Arts Alive

African Arts Alive is a collaboration with a guest dancer, celebrating African culture with drums and dance and song. Years of study as well as experiences on the continent serve as a foundation for this energetic, informative and highly-participatory presentation.

Talking Drums

Talking Drums is a collaboration with storyteller Louise Kessel. Words and rhythms intertwine in magical ways to paint pictures in sound and inspire journeys in imagination. For more information on Louise, see

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