Beverly Botsford
Cross-Cultural Percussionist
P.O. Box 62312
Durham, NC 27715
(919) 384-8418



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Exciting, Vibrant, Colorful.... From the moment Ms. Botsford enters the performing area, the air is charged with electricity.

Cultural Arts Committee
Pawtucket Elementary, Charlotte, NC

Absolutely brilliant.

Eddie Wilkerson, New Note Records
London, England

We love your vitality and enthusiasm for life.

Douglas Elementary, A+ arts co-ordinator
Raleigh, NC

Eres vida, alegria, ritmo... eres marvavillosa!!!
(You are life, happiness, rhythm... you are marvelous!)

ESL teacher, Millbrook Elementary
Raleigh, NC

The Singing Hands residency taught me about patience, rhythm, coordination and cooperation. I learned that I can do anything I put my mind to.

Student at Creekside High School
Fulton Co., Georgia

Art is the most effective tool for promoting racial and cultural understanding, appreciation of diversity, self-respect, and for discovering common bonds between all people. It stimulates and inspires creative thinking, learning and action.

Beverly Botsford

An experience with Beverly ignites curiosity and concepts that can fuel weeks of creative exploration with children.

Annie Dwyer, Dance Educator
Durham, NC

Not only does she demonstrate a great breadth of knowledge, she diligently pursues a high degree of excellence in her skills.

Elizabeth Grimes-Droessler,
Arts Education/ Staff Development,
Wake County Public School System
Raleigh, NC

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