Beverly Botsford
Cross-Cultural Percussionist
P.O. Box 62312
Durham, NC 27715
(919) 384-8418



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Drum Talk

Beverly shares basic techniques of hand drums and percussion with a focus on traditions and inspirations of Africa, Cuba, the Caribbean, and beyond. Congas, dundun, djembe, shekere, etc.... Exploring groove, phrasing, call and response, poly-rhythmic orchestration, dynamics, and improvisation.

Rhythm for Teachers

Animate your classroom using percussion, movement and stories as teaching tools to support curriculum. Fun. Safe. Stress relief for educators in need. Instrument Making Drums and percussion from recycled materials.

Music for Dancers

Expanding your rhythmic consciousness and musicality in movement; using drums, voice, body percussion and found objects.


Residencies are designed to fit the needs of the presenter. They can be workshops, performances or a combination of both, lasting anywhere from one day to two weeks. Students and community are invited to participate in the performance. For example, a one-week residedncy might be working for four days with the same group of students and sharing in an assembly for the school on the final day.


Gourd Fever

Gourdgracious!! The gourd or calabash has been used for hundreds of years in cultures all over the world. Beverly shares its story, blending folklore, history, humor, science and art with music on an amazing variety of gourd instruments. (All ages)

The Science of Sound

A percussive, participatory exploration of sound, vibration, wavelength, frequency and other scientific phenomenon. (K-6)

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