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Promoting Young Talents in Music


Rasikapriya is a not for profit organization established in November 2003 and registered in April 2006 and is devoted to the promotion of music. This we attempt in a multitude of ways. Firstly, we locate youngsters who show a potential to become well versed in Carnatic music and continuously train them for years. Second, we arrange for stage performances for both the young talents and senior artists. While the former hones the skills of the youngsters, the latter gives them an opportunity to expand their horizons by picking up the nuances of music from a number of stalwarts in the field. Third, we arrange for intense workshops and demonstrations where noted exponents of music come and give training to our youngsters on a chosen focused area. Finally, we encourage our youngsters to actively take part in various competitions as well as prepare them for participation in various scholarship competitions. In the event, we are happy to state that a number of our products have won the prestigious Government of lndia scholarships apart from a large number of prizes at various competitions. A number of them have established themselves in the field are running reputed institutions themselves today.






Rasikapriya is constantly
Supported by

Asthika Samaj

India Habitat Centre

Ministry of Culture

Delhi Sangit Natak Akademi

Talabhakti Foundation




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