Speed Limits are Set TOO Low

Many traffic laws are unreasonable so therefore broken!

A intense federal study proves just that. Unreasonable speed limits make violators out of otherwise law abiding citizens among other things. Check out this list of secrets that the government and insurance companies don't want you to know!

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If you drive 100% legally you statistical increase your chances of getting in or causing an accident. (Well known fact)

Hi there, Welcome to the Reasonable Drivers Unanimous home page. As my titles suggest this page will give evidence, examples, arguments, etc. for reasonable traffic laws. Laws like setting speeds to what drivers drive. Laws that will help keep slow drivers from holding up traffic, etc.

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Current Events

The NMSL goner! On Tuesday November 28 at 6:30pm the president signed the bill into law! (It will take effect in 10 days from now for those states that chose to up then or 60 days after the next states legislative meeting for those who don't) But that is only the first step in getting more sane speed limits. Now we must concentrate on the states and get them to raise their limits. The western states will probably do it own their own but the eastern states will need a little pressure and States like NJ, MD, NY, PA will need a lot of pressure. Hell NJ is still at 55. [More Info] [Enemies (there still a threat and will always will be)]

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New: New version of States' Attitudes Toward Speed Limits now with states new Speed Limits now that the NMSL is a goner.

New: Speed Limits Etc.. FAQ. Currently only a sketchy rough draft but it will improve with time. Submissions are more than welcome.

New: One of the things that aggravates me more than artificially low speed limits is public opinion on the speed limits and speeding in general. Most americans speed but tell their children not too. I have read one article after another where the person writing the article clearly believes speeding is ok however they won't admit it, they will tell the reader they don't recommend speeding but what they do is up to them. In response to this I started a list of those type of articles, web pages etc so that we can write to them asking them why they are trying to be "politically correct". [Goto List]

Coming Soon: (I hope) An interactive step-by-step guide designed to convince skeptics that speed does not kill. As a start be sure to check out "The anatomy of 2 and 3 lane roads: The types of drivers and how they affect traffic flow" one of many papers I plan on writing that will develop into this project. [More Info].

Issues and Viewpoints

Want to see what others think? Want to give your own input to the viewpoints? ... If so then click on the "[Responses]" link at the end of each paragraph. Responses are more then encouraged (even if you totally disagree). Responses help me develop my points into something accurate and powerful. Responses that bring up new points could change the viewpoint itself! Just be sure to keep it constructive.

I want cops to stop going after SAFE speeders and start going after the idiot who cuts you off, tailgates, etc. And I want cops to start going after slowpokes in the left lanes and those drivers who are downright rude.

Speed Limits on Interstates: On the issue of speed limits I believe all interstates should have a speed limit of at LEAST 70mph. Yes, even on the most congested and dangerous interstates like the Capital Beltway (495). Why? Because that's about the speed everyone is going -- doing 55 IS MORE DANGEROUS than doing 65 because you are going against the flow of traffic. [Responses]
(Point pending change to something along the lines of the 85th percentile speed with enforsment practices as stated in NMA's Model Speed Zoning Law)

Speed Limits and Stop Lights: Speed limits should also be increased on other roads. Slower speed limits on busy high-speed highways tend to create an engineering difficulty with synchronizing stop lights. If stop lights are synchronized using the speed limit, often people will have to stop at the next light when it wasn't engineered that way. If speed limits were raised to the speed of traffic, then this would not be a problem. It also creates a minor hazard in the length yellow lights stay on. (Is this true? I am just speculating here on this whole paragraph. Engineers out there please let me know.) [Responses]

Passing on the Right: Passing on the right AND staying around in the left hand lane for no necessary reason (right lane open, no exits on left, etc. etc.) should be illegal on freeways ONLY. It should NOT be illegal to pass someone on the right on city streets or any other situation were one HAS to be in the left hand lane, like if there is a left exit, for example. It should also to be legal to pass someone in the left hand lane that refuses to budge (flashed you lights, etc., etc. and their is still no response). If you get caught passing a left lane hogger on the right than the left lane hogger would get the ticket, not you. [Responses]

Slow Pokes Pulling Over: I think there should be laws that requires slow pokes to pull over on two lane roads when it is safe. By this I am not implying that that faster drivers have a "right" to intimidate slower drivers off the road. I am simply trying to reach a compromise. Does a slow poke have a "right" to hold traffic up? He shouldn't just as fast drivers shouldn't have the "right" to intimidate slower drivers off the road. [Responses]

Drivers Training and Testing: In one word its a joke. The biggest problem with American drivers is the lack of any real drivers education and testing. Driving around a small test course is hardly a test of a drivers ability; its a test of being able to stop at a stop sign, being able to back up in a straight line, and, if it is a really hard test, being able to parallel park. The tests need to be on the road and NOT in the equivalent of a parking lot. A potential driver needs to be tested on things like: merging into traffic, passing, staying too the right, etc. And how well they can handle emergencys like skidding, spin out, etc. Yeah, they (sometimes) teach it in drivers ed but they usually don't give a motorist any hands-on experience. [Responses]

School Buses: They could be voted as the "most hated vehicles on two lane roads" right up there with slow-pokes. Why? Because they stop in the middle of the road holding up traffic from both directions and there is no way to get around them. There should be laws controlling WHEN they can use their red flashers and when they need to pull over. (1) They should be REQUIRED to pull over after every 3 stops if there is ANYONE behind them to let others pass (if there is a way to pull over). (2) They should only be allowed to use their red flashers when letting off elementary school (or younger) children or when an older student has to cross the street. (3) If they are letting off more than 5 students they should be REQUIRED to pull off the main road and onto the residential street so that they don't seriously hold up traffic. [Details & Responses]

One issue that is involved in increasing speed limits is the loss of fine revenue. This blurb sent to me without a name or e-mail address sums it up nicely even though I don't agree with it 100%.

Airbags: Are they really worth it? Maybe, maybe not... Find out what one person thinks and read a few constructive attacks on what was said. [Goto] I haven't thought about the issue enough to agree or disagree.

Daytime running lights: Do they really save lives. Are they more annoying than helpful. Can they be worse than headlights. The debate is on! Feel free to contribute. [Goto Debate]

Real Automotive Lighting: The quality of US headlights is poor compared to some other countries. Johann Schubert suggests that DOT adopt the Euro-code lighting standards. It sounds reasonable to me! [More Info]

Have an issue you want to add to this list? If so then go ahead and add a point.

Lists and Other Stuff of Interest

I recommend you look at the items in bold at least once

The Future

I hope that this page will be a treasure house of facts, statistics, etc., on traffic laws. I hope this page will grow and grow to be the number one source for info on all sort of driving issues. I hope this page will convince the general public that "Speed DOES NOT Kill". I am interested in what speed limits were before the 55mph mandate on all roads (not just freeways). I am interested in those few rare State/County/Towns that have reasonable speed limits/traffic laws, officers that actually pull over obnoxious, rude, ignorant, stupid (ones that pull out right in front of you, never mind the fact you are doing 60), and slow poke drivers (especially on two lane highways) and basically leave SAFE speeders alone. I am also interested in other countries' speed limits and their death and accident statistics. I basically want this place to be a one-stop place for info on traffic regulations etc... (I currently have VERY little info in this area so PLEASE if you know of anything that relates to the above write to me at kevinatk@home.com)

The Rest

All comments, oppositions, etc should be sent to kevinatk@home.com. The more the better!

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