Each year as the mercury begins to drop, there’s an excitement in the air around here about the season to come, as the community prepares to welcome fall.

For me, the season, while offering some relief from triple-digit temperatures, simply provides a preview of its colder, meaner sister season to come. Though we’ve been largely spared from any long stretches of winter in recent years, there’s nothing that zaps my energy like cold, dark mornings and a pitch-black sky on my walk home from work.

But I’m learning that this season, while certainly still far from summer and spring in the rankings in my mind, does have something to offer, and that’s the energy that it appears to bring to our community, if only in the form of the multitude of activities going on in the area. Just this weekend, you can choose from the Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance , the World Beer Festival in Durham and Festifall in downtown Chapel Hill, on top of a number of rock concerts, theatrical performances, comedy shows and so on. There’s a lot going on; yes, more than usual. Get out there and enjoy it before winter puts a damper on all our fun.
– Susan Dickson