Accessing your ibiblio account

Contributors may access their ibiblio account using either a secure shell application for management tasks or a secure file transfer application to manage files. ibiblio does not recommend or support any particular application for these tasks. 

Detailed information

To access your ibiblio account, you should connect to the server Please use this address for all shell connections (ssh) and file transfers (scp/sftp). ibiblio requires secure services (ssh & scp/sftp) to reduce the risk of unauthorized use of your account.

A shell connection (ssh) must be used for your first login to ibiblio so that you can change your account password. Shell connections are used to have access to the Linux command line so ibiblio recommends that the login user be familiar with the Linux prompt. Should your password ever be reset by ibiblio, you will need to login using a shell connection to change it.

You can find some information in accessing an ssh connection from windows or mac here – scroll down to the Windows ssh/sftp and Mac ssh/sftp tabs.

File transfer connections (scp/sftp) are used to upload files to your web hosting directory. Your web hosting location on the server will be under /public/html for ibiblio web hosting or /public/vhost for hosted domains.

  • For example, if your web site will be then your server location would be /public/html/sampleweb
  • If your web site is then your server location would be /public/vhost/h/hostedweb/html (note that the h is because the website starts with the letter h).

For your convenience, the email account you used to request your collection will be used for all communication from ibiblio. If you plan to discontinue use of your registered email account, please submit a help request. ibiblio does not provide email services for contributors.

We ask that everyone managing web content on monitor This is how ibiblio staff will pass along information about system changes and planned downtime.

We ask that you display a “Hosted by ibiblio” image at the bottom of your site’s home page. This helps to boost our visibility and is one of the easiest ways you can help ensure the longevity of our archive. You may choose an image size and format that best suits your site.

If you wish to request a database or have any questions setting up your new site, just submit a help request. Please note that ibiblio has a very small staff that primarily consists of students, so please be patient and send your requests in with plenty of lead time. We also highly recommend visiting our interactive Q&A page for help from other contributors and ibiblio staff.