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See also our Links Menu. -- Tons more sustainable ag links, and they're much better organized. The following links are ones that were once on our What's Hot page. They still make good surfing.

red ballOrganic Dairy Discussion Forum -- Join in the discussion on everything from health care and feeds to certification and marketing.
red ballEcological Agriculture Projects -- Now free to the public, this Canadian site features a broad range of information, archived newletters and more. A quick visit turned up papers on the effect of ag chemicals on soil, earthworms, weeds as soil indicators, and tips to control internal parasites of ruminants. Worth exploring.
red ballOrganic Engineering -- Memo shows USDA sacrificing organic standards to accomodate biotech interests, according to this Mother Jones report.
red ballThe Campaign to Keep "Organic" Organic -- This site makes it easy to respond to USDA proposed organic rules. Also features good background info.
red ballCertifier to Uphold Higher Organic Standard -- Farm Verified Organic decides not to accept watered-down organic rules.
red ballSustaining Pennsylvania Agriculture -- New Penn State site includes research summaries, news and events, info and funding sources.
red ballComposting Livestock Mortalities -- Can't get anyone to come pick up dead stock? This Ontario Ministry of Agriculture fact sheet can help.
red ballComment Period Extended for Proposed Organic Rule -- Make comments to USDA by April 30. Links to commentary on issues.
red ballgrassfarmer.com -- New American Farmland Trust site features their Cove Mt. grass dairy project and innovative parlors for dairy graziers.
red ballGrassroots organizer needed to work on large-scale hog operation issues. For details, email Illinois Stewardship Alliance: ilstew@mpmis.com
red ballOle & Sven Go Organic -- Scandinavian humor at its best, a tongue-in-cheek parable on the eve of federal organic standards.
red ballGrazing Alfalfa Successfully -- It takes a careful balance between the needs of the stock and the needs of the stand, says the University of Missouri's Jim Gerrish.
red ball Iowa Hog Confinement -- Not just for Iowans, this grassroots site helps link farmers and others concerned about megahog operations.
red ballMobile Poultry Processing Unit -- Trailer-mounted facility helps cut processing costs for small-scale poultry producers. Includes Photo Gallery of the unit in action.
red ballThe BuyGreen Virginia Partnership -- A joint project of the Virginia Association for Biological Farming and Mothers & Others for a Livable Planet, this model program seeks to build bridges between producers and consumers. Labelling program with three levels of certification -- certified organic, ecological and conservation.
red ballCover Crop and Forage Seed Sources -- Find the varieties that fit your cropping or pasture system.
red ballAppropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas -- ATTRA, a federally funded clearinghouse for sustainable farming and marketing info, celebrates its 10th year with a new website. Features online versions of some of the program's most-asked-for publications on subjects including farmscaping for biocontrol, livestock, fruit, herbs, mushrooms, organic certification and more.
red ballFarmland Information Library -- Great farmland protection and land-use resources. Full text of state farmland protection statutes, abstracts and links to literature, discussion groups, organizations, maps and more.
red ballIn Season -- Highly recommended to growers who sell at farmers markets or to restaurants. Great tips on selecting varieties to match your customers tastes, (including some adventurous money-makers you may not have considered), frequently updated news and organic outlook info, and features and interviews with growers and chefs. Definitely a California slant, but all the better reason for growers elsewhere to check in.
red ballAgriSurf! -- This new site features a searchable index to more than 5,000 sites (8/24/97). Browse subject categories including Sustainable Agriculture. "More grain, less chaff" philosophy makes this a highly recommended site.
red ballCan Organic Agriculture Feed the World? ... And Is That the Right Question? -- North Dakota organic farmer and sustainable farming activist Fred Kirschenmann, refutes the notion that all-out, high-input production for the global marketplace is the only way to feed the world.
Iowa State University Extension Weed Management -- Good advice for Corn Belt farmers on cultivation, banding, weed ecology and more. Online version of the Integrated Crop Management Newsletter.
Valley Oaks Ranch Supply -- Excellent reference for planning pasture layout and constructing paddocks. Well-organized with good graphics throughout.
Soil Health Hot Links -- Explore links to help you improve the quality of your soil from our new Soil Health Menu.
Precision Weed Control: Bezzerides Brothers Inc. -- Cultivating tips and information about their line of innovative weed-control tools for row crops, orchards and vineyards.
Exploring Sustainability in Agriculture -- This online brochure from the USDA-SARE program's Sustainable Agriculture Network explains sustainable ag by profiling innovative farmers from around the country.
Cornell Composting -- Master composters and novices alike will appreciate this site's explanation of the composting process and helpful management tips. Includes easy-to-use forms for calculating an ideal mix.
A Partnership with Nature -- Read about and view pictures of the innovative rice farming techniques of the Lundberg Family and their commitment to sustainable farming.
Download WeedCast Software -- Free software predicts emergence and growth of 17 weeds.
Hightower Radio -- Love him or hate him, former Texas Commissioner of Agriculture Jim Hightower always gets you thinking.
Spring Turnout and The Grazing Wedge -- In our grazing area, timely advice and powerful tools for managing spring pastures.

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