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Dissertation Information for Rita S Foudray

- Rita S Foudray
- (Alias) Rita Catherine Schoch Foudray

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of North Texas (USA) (1989)

- Herman L. Totten

- [Indecipherable1]
- Katherine Cveljo
- Norman Howden
- Mary Shepherd Thibodeuax

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Title: An investigation of differences in public library usage patterns between gifted adults and members of the general public

Abstract: The purpose of this research was to isolate the variable giftedness in a population and determine whether that variable could be used as a predictor of public library use.

The population for the study was 231 gifted adults who are currently members of Mensa and 420 members of the general public selected at random from telephone directories from 21 U.S. cities. The sample consisted of 140 gifted adults (60 per cent) and 72 general public (17 per cent) who completed and returned mailed questionnaires. Data were analyzed on a personal computer using both relational database and spreadsheet software packages.

The analysis of data indicated that public library use was higher for the general public than for the gifted adults. There was less variation among the factors of age, level of education, and public library use for the gifted adults than for the general public. Books as a resource for information were mentioned by the general public more frequently (27.5 per cent) than by the gifted adults (18.6 per cent). Friends were listed more often as an information resource by the gifted population (50.7 per cent) than by the public (36 per cent). Gifted adults both read and owned more books than did the general public. There was no correlation between amount of reading and number of library visits in either sample. 35 of the general public (48.6 per cent) has a Library Usage Index Value of less than 4, 97 of the gifted adults did (69.2 per cent). There was almost no difference between the first ten information sources listed by both samples.

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