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11. kaRRuk kaRavaik

Simple Word for Word meanings
kaRRuk kaRavaik kaNaNGkaL       pala kaRan^thu *
young  cows     herds (of them) many milked

ceRRaar         thiRal   azhiyac   cenRu    ceruc ceyyum *
enemies (their) strength destroyed by going to war

kuRRam onRillaatha            kOvalartham                                 poRkotiyE *
faults without any (flawless) cowherd    (O you who are beautiful like a) golden creeper

puRRu arav       alkul                 punamayilE                           pOtharaay *
nest snake (in)  waist (like that of) (O you who are like a) forest peacock come out

cuRRaththu thOzhimaar ellaarum        van^thu *  nin
relatives  friends    everyone (have) come (and) your

muRRam    pukun^thu       mukil vaNNan              pEr paata *
courtyard entered   (the) cloud colored (one) (His) names singing

ciRRaathE    pEcaathE    celvap    peNtaatti * nI
not stirring not talking fortunate girl        You

ERRukku            uRaNGkum poruL
what reason (your) sleeping purpose

El                                Or empaavaay
Come (Let us do) (the penance of) paavai nOmbu

Translation   By Dr. V.K.S.N. Raghavan

 Oh Golden Creeper of a girl( the scion among the  maidens of this group)! You are a jewel among the cowherds , who are:

(1) master craftsmen in the milking of ever so many groups of young milch cows (at a stretch)
(2) skillful in warfare ,namely , very much able to go against and destroy their (strong)opponents and routing their strength and
(3) thoroughly blemishless ! Oh Charming peacock-like (beautiful) damsel with the hips resembling the hood of a cobra! May You come (and join our fold).When we--Your kinswomen and friends --have come and entered the open front yard (without roof ) of Your house , and when we are singing (in chorus) the names of the Lord of dark cloud-like hue, what are you fast asleep for ,without even moving or giving any response, Oh rich and young girl ?

Commentary   By Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchari Sadagopan

In this paasuram , a Gopi  known for her extraordinary beauty ( Golden creeper/PoRRk Kodi) and distinguished lineage is being awakened. Her relatives are known well for the way in which they discharge the duties of the Aayar Kulam . Sri BhUvarahAcchAr Swamy observes in this context: " These duties entail milking an endless number of cows . So ANDAL seems to be saying that performance of one's duties as enjoined in the scripture (varNAsram dharmam) will bring happiness to the Lord and thereby fall into the category of His service. One should hence never discard one's duties".

JananyAcchAr describes this UtthamAdhikAri as belonging to a noble lineage ( AabhijAthyam) and as " Oorukku-oru PeNN
PiLLai" .

The Inner Meanings of the Paasuram

KaRRuk KaRavaik kaNangaL Pala KaRanthu :   having drunk the milk of Jn~Anam from all Upanishads  smruthi, IthihAsa PurANams independent of their size or complexity

seRRAr thiRalazhia chenRu seruc cheyyum: having won over naasthikars and aasthika abhimAnis in     saastrEic debates

KuRRam onrilAtha  kOvalar tamm  poRRk kodiyE: Oh Sathsishyan , who has been blessed with a sadAchAryan with mastery over the blemishles VedAs !

puna MayilE          :        Oh sathsishyan , who dances like a happy peacock ( that has seen the rainy clouds) while singing the many naamAs of our Lord!

pOdharAi                :     May Thou be engaged in this aanandha anubhavam!

SuRRathtu ThOzhimAr yellAm vanthu :        the aadhivAhikars , who display friendship to You the Prapannan, have come now

ninn muRRam puhunthu :        they have entered the front gates of Your ( of the one , who has cast aside the gross body and entered into the subtle body/sookshma sarIram) house

Muhil VaNNan pEr paada They are reciting the Lord's names and are ready to lead you to His  supreme abode at the final stages of your journey via archirAdhi maargam , like BhaagavathAs reciting manthrams into your ear

siRRAthE :    You should cast away any concerns about committing sins consciously or otherwise

pEsAthE    :                  You should speak of nothing except Bhagavan naamAs

nee selavap pendAtti :        you become thus the one appreciated by BhagavAn Himself.

uRangum poruL yeRRukku? :     You have no more vinais to worry about ? Why then this sleep rooted  in fear and bhramam(delusion)?

Inner meaning of Special words and passages

 (1)Sri PBA Swamy points out that the three sambhOdhanams (addresses) as "Kovalar tamm poRRkkodiyE ,puRRaraval- puna mayilE and Selvap peNDAtti" are noteworthy.These three identitfications suggest that this Gopi is like a dependent creeper on the supporting rod of AchAryans and is distinguished for her fragrance of Paaratantryam. She is thus a qualified UtthamAdhikAri.

(2)Sri PBA Swamy comments further on the word "PuRRaravaL" to bring out the supermacy of Bhakthi among the triad of Jn~Anam ,Bhakthi & Virakthi. When a cobra with majestic form enters its home under earth , it will shrink its big form humbly . When Bhakthi is dominant , it will yield Jn~Anam and Virakthi readily . Swamy quotes Sanjayan's Upadesam to the deluded DhruthrAshtran : " Maayam na sEvE bhadram tE na vruthA dharmamAcharE , Suddha bhAvam gathO BhakthyA SaasthrAth Vedhmi JanArdhanam "Bhakthi is thus the saadhanam for Jn~Anam aand Virakthi.Sri PBA Swamy also quotes Swamy AlavanthAr's slOkam praising his grandfather Swamy Naathamuni in the context of Jn~Ana- Bhakthi-Virakthi triad : " Namochinthya adhbhudha aklishta Jn~Ana VairAgya RaasayE , NaathAya munayE aghAtha Bhagavath Bhakthi SindhavE " . The importance of Bhakthi over Jn~Anam and VairAgyam is again alluded here , when Swamy Nathamuni is saluted here as  the bottomless Ocean of Bhagavath Bhakthi.

(3) PunamayilE: Sri PBA Swamy compares the equivalence of the Peacock to a SadAchAryA in six ways. Two such comparsions are as follows:

(a) The poisonous insects would stay away from the peacock for fear of their lives. AchAryAs through their prabhAvam chase away all anishtams: " visAthi pahai pasi theeyanavellAm ninri ivvulahil kadivAn Nemip PirAn Tamar pOnthAr" is AzhwAr's Sri Sookthi.(b) When the peacock is happy , it will stretch its tail fethers and dance. AchAryAs will exhibit their Jn~ana vikAsam , when they experience a sath sishyan .

(4) SuRRatthu ThOzhimArellAm vanthu: Aathma and dEha Bhandhus will flock around mahAns .One can see that with Udayavar with EmpAr , Mudali AaNDAN ( dEha Bhanthus) and KurEsar, KidAmpi Aacchan et al (aathma Bhandhus) serving him (Sri PBA Swamy ).

(5) Ninn MuRRam puhunthu muhil VaNNan pEr Paada: MuRRam is where the adiyArs of the Lord assemble (vide: KulaEkarar paasuram:"aNiarangan THIRUMURRATTHU ADIYAR tankaLinbha perumkuzhavu kaNdu)(Sri PBA Swamy).

(6) SIRRATHE PESAATHE:AndaL's pasura Vaakhyam has the echo of Swamy NammAzhwAr's counsel AND command ( ThiruvAimozhi:9.1.7):

"siRRa vENDA chinthippEyamayum kaNDIrkaLanthO !"

( Meaning according to Dr.V.N.VedAntha Desikan):

" I have nothing else to say (to you , the people of the world)and I have siad everything briefly. For all beings in this vast universe,without any need for exertion (siRRa vENDA) or exercise . A simple technique is available for survival and salvation. Lo, people do not catch my point and get doomed. The Lord , KrishNA ,was born in MathurA to protect the cows , almost as their
Mother.His boundless grace , simplicity and similar qualities --all flawless -- are a pleasure to ponder over and spend one's life with. I say that this is the easiest and praticable-to-all way of life!

(7) Abhinava Desikan's description of Inner meanings:

 (a)KARAVAIKAL :AchAryAs , who yield abundant milk of Jn~Anam

(b)KARRUKKARAVIAKAL : AchAryAs with abundant wealth of SishyAs.

(c)PALA KARANTHU: AchAryAs , who have absorbed from many sources and from many poorvAchAryAs ( bahubhya: srOthavyam , bhaudhA srOthavyam)and store them for the benefit of many sishyAs.

(d) SERRAAR: Veda Baahyars and Ku-dhrushtis ( their foes, who do not accept Vedam as PramANam and those, who misintrepret Vedam for their benefit.

(e) SERRAR THIRALAZHIYA SENRU: Going on Dhig Vijayams (Vijaya Yaathrais) to defeat the views of Veda Baahyars and Kudhrushtis and to establish parama Vaidhika matham on its solid footing.

(f) KURRAMONRILAATHA KOVALAR: These AchAryAs engaged in the blemishless act of spreading sath-sampradhAyam by defeating the views of Veda Baahyars and Kudhrushtis . They do it not out of ahankAra-MamakAram ( which will be full of blemish ), but do it out of compassion to spread the true meanings of Tatthvam, Hitham and PurushArtham.

(g) KOVALAR: "gO " is Vaaku or Vedam; gOvalar is the One , who protects veda Vaaks (with VedAngams).

(h) KOVALAR TAMM PORRKKODIYE:  That beautiful golden  creeper , which survives through supporting itself on such Kovalars .These AchAryAs are the Kozhu Kompu for the PoRRkkodi ( Utthama adhikAri). (i)PURRARUVU:This Utthama adhikAri will be full of humility like a snake inside its home underground.

(j) This Utthama adhikAri will sing and dance like a joyous peacock from Bhagaavth anubhavam.

(k)siRRAthE pEsAthE: because of humility and freedom from ahankAra-mamakAram , the Utthama adhikAri stays motionless and without speaking.

(l)YERRUKKU URANGUM PORUL: You ( Utthama adhikAri) is our great wealth. Your aruLiccheyal is our property. Can one , who is both our wealth and property sleep? Please join us and remove the guNa dhOshams in our anubhavams . 

Soodikkoduttha NaacchiyAr ThiruvadigaLE Saranam ,
Sarvam KrushNArpanam asthu
RaamAnuja Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan