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24. anRu ivvulakam

Simple Word for Word meanings
anRu ivv  ulakam  aLan^thaay       ati       pORRi *
Once this world   measured (Those) feet (we) worship

cenRaNGkuth thenn ilaNGkai ceRRaay          thiRal     pORRi *
After going Southern Lanka conquered (That) valor (we) worship

ponRac    cakatam     uthaiththaay           pukazh               pORRi *
destroyed wheel  (by) kicking  (by that The) fame (obtained) (we) worship

kanRu       kuNilaa eRin^thaay     kazhal    pORRi *
Calf (as a) sling   threw  (Those) feet (we) worship

kunRu            kutaiyaay etuththaay    kuNam            pORRi *
Hillrock (as an) umbrella  lifted (That) good nature (we) worship

venRu      pakai         ketukkum       nin  kaiyil  vEl        pORRi *
win (over) enemies (and) destroy (That) your in hand spear (we) worship

enRenRu                   un   cEvakamE      Eththip                      paRai koLvaan *
In all these ways (we do) your service (and) praise . (So that we may be) emancipated

inRu  yaam van^thOm           iraNGku
today we   have come (please) show us mercy .

El                                Or empaavaay
Come (Let us do) (the penance of) paavai nOmbu

Translation   By Dr. V.K.S.N. Raghavan

(Slowly and gradually , the young gopis could find  Lord KrishNA

(1) sleeping
(2)getting up and
(3) walking towards them .

In the meanwhile , when He walks , they perform mangaLAsAsanam for His ThiruvadigaL: "Earlier-- on that day (long ago) You measured this Universe ( with this pair of feet); ( now we hail) protection and glory to such a pair of Your feet . Earlier (long ago), You went there to LankA in the Southern region and killed RaavaNA , the aparAdhi; ( we proclaim) protection and glory to Your enormous vanquishing power. You gave a kick to sakatAsurA ( the asuran, who came in the form of a cart to crush You) and You destroyed Him with Your Thiruvadi; (we hail) glory and safety to Your fame. (Bending Your feet in stiff posture) You threw the calf (vathsAsuran) like  a fierce rock-like stick against another demon (KappittAsuran) , who had taken the form of a wood-apple tree , so that both of them were kiled simultaneously ; (we hail) glory and safety to Your victorious anklet and feet (that performed this miracle). You have lifted aloft the GovardhanA mountain just as an umbrella ; (we sing) hail and safety to Your pristine merits and grace . You hold  in Your hand , a powerful spear that completely subjugates and eradicates Your enemies; (we sing)" hail and glory to that spear in Your hand " --thus , indeed , do we hail and sing Your miraculous deeds , valour and auspicious ThiruvadikaL. We have come to Your side today now to offer our prayers and to seek the drum (paRai) from You , So Please be compassionate to us , who seek eternal Kaimkaryam to You.  

Commentary   By Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchari Sadagopan

 The ThiruvadikaL (feet)and the ThirukkaikaL (hands) of the Lord are the key limbs , which are behind His  majestic gait and unparalleled generosity to bless us  with what we seek according to Abhinava Desikan . Hence , the Gopis praise His gambeera Nadai and boon-granting hands . Indirectly ,they praise His souseelyam , Soulabhyam and  Paraakramam (valour).Since Thrivikrama , Raama and  KrishnAvathArams are dear to them , they take instances  from these avathArams to salute His nadai with  Srimath GaambhIryam and His auspicious vara-dhAna hastham .His valor is also saluted separately.

BhagavAn has four kinds of gait ( chathur-Vithaa gathi) according to JnaanyAcchAr Swamy with special attributes :

(1) Rishabatthin serukku ( majesty)
(2) Mattha Gajatthin Thimirppu ( the abandon of the elephant  in rut)
(3) Puliyin Urattu ( Tiger's speed and control like a wound wire)
(4) Simhatthinudaya parAbhibhavana saamarthyam   ( The confident and powerful gait of a Lion as the King of the jungle and conqueror of  all beasts)

The Gopis want the Lord to walk to the throne  from His bed side and make them blissful through  the enjoyment of His different gaits as He takes  the steps .

Lord KrishNaA accompanied by Nappinnai reaches  the throne room , sits on the simhAsanam and the Gopis are overwhelmed by their darsana  soubhAgyam and sing pallANDu for His Thiruvadi along the lines of PeriyAzhwAr ( Unn sEvadi sevvit- thirukkAppu ).

Their pallANDU for the Dhivya Dampathis seated on the throne is described by Upanishad BhAshyakArar  this way :" Tatha: SimhAsanE upavishtam KrishNam aalOkya MangaLAni prayunjathE " ( MangaLAsAsanam is performed by the Gopis to the Lord seated on His SimhAsanam). Then they take the next step of stating the purpose of their visit to seek saamagriyAs (accessories)for the observance of the Vratham of Paavai  Nonbhu and pray for eternal kaimkaryam to Him ( sarva Kaalam Tvath PadhAnamEva sthuthva , vrathOpakaraNam Vaadhya VisEsham icchantha: samAgathavAn , TathO dayAm Kuru).

PerukkAraNai Swamy's anubhavam
This Paasuram is one of the most auspicious one in ThiruppAvai. That is why we recite it twice . Since the prayer is in the form of a PallANDu , it can be recited many times more.

The gana prEmai ( deep affection ) of the Gopis for their Lord poured forth in the form of MangaLAsAsanam and PallANDu . They forgot what they came for .First , they hail the Thiruvadi that measured the Universes as Thrivikraman (anRivvulaham aLanthAi adip pORRi ). This is the third time ANDAL refers to Thrivikraman's mysterious deed ( Ongi UlahaLantha , ambarmUdarutthu Ongi ulhalantha and anRivvulaham aLanthAi here ). The anusandhAnam for three times is perhaps to remind us that Vaamanan begged for three feet of land from Emperor Bali.She seems to say that MahA Bali could not succeed in granting three feet of land , but She gave Him three feet/adis ( Each ThiruppAvai Paasuram has eight feet or Yettadi ). She devoted one adi in each of the above three paasurams to salute the magnificent deed of Thrivikraman, which is hailed by the VedAs as "ThrINi padhAn VichakramE").The Gopis say : " anRu ivvulaham aLanthAi!adip pORRi! inRu Yaam vanthOm " .After saluting MahA Bali VrutthAntham , the Gopis saluted the valor of the Lord in destroying RaavaNan as Raaman , SakatAsura vadham and the wonderous deed of lifting Govardhana Giri to teach Indran , normally an anukoolan , an unforgettable Lesson .

The Inner meanings of this Paasuram( PerukkAraNai Swamy)
We have arrived today to sing pallANDu for Your valorous deeds in Vibhavam and to seek eternal kaimkaryam to You in Parama Padham (YenRenRum unn sEvakamE yEtthi parai koLLa inRu yaamm vanthOm ) . Please have dayA for us (irangu).

We hail the spear like , sharp-edged sankalpam of Yours ,which banishes obstructions  to gaining Moksha Siddhi ( venRu pahai kedukkum ninn kaiyill vEL pORRi).

We hail Your lofty guNams as Sri VaikuntanAthan as the SarvEsvaran seated under the white umbrella (yEka ChakrAdhipathi with svEtha Chathram); { kunRu kudayAi yedutthAi guNam pORRi}in Parama Padham.

We hail your heroic deeds that destroy like a powerful daNdam thrown at  our PuNya Paapams ( KuNilA kanRu yeRinthAi , Kazhal pORRi).

" Sakatam ponRa uthaitthAi puhazh pORRi":

we hail Your glories that destroy the manOrathams of Jeevans , which are the causes behind the naraga-Svarga anubhavams!

" angu senRu tenn Ilankai seRRAi thiRal poRRi":

Hail to  Your sakthi which is manifested through Your presence in the universe as antharyAmi , VibhavAtharan and AchAryan and for conferring the power of vivEkam to ward off the moksha virOdhis!

" anRu ivvulagam aLanthAi adip pORRi":

Hail to Thee , who created all these Universes and their beings and for making Your Thiruvadi as UpAyam for our Prapathti!

We are eulogizing Your powers of creation , power to control our sanchala manas , power of Your guNmas that save us from enjoying the fruits of Paapa-puNyams , power to banish mOksha VirOdhis . We besseech You through our prayers to give us the VrathOpakaranams and to listen to our request for eternal kaimkaryam at Your holy feet;have mercy on us.

Soodikkoduttha NaacchiyAr ThiruvadigaLE Saranam ,
Sarvam KrushNArpanam asthu
RaamAnuja Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan