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20. muppaththu mUvar

Simple Word for Word meanings
muppaththu  mUvar  amararkku                 mun cenRu *
Thirty      three  immortals (gods) (He who) goes to

kappam         thavirkkum            kaliyE                  thuyilezhaay *
fears (theirs) removes    (You That) heroic one (please) wake up .

ceppam  utaiyaay thiRal      utaiyaay * ceRRaarkku
Perfect one      omni-potent one        enemies (He who)

veppam   kotukkum                vimalaa           thuyilezhaay *
burn(s)  gives (up) , (You That) Lord (please) wake up .

ceppenna               men  mulaic  cev vaayc ciRu    maruNGkul *
Like a perfect vessel  soft breasts red lips  slender waist

nappinnai                            naNGkaay thiruvE            thuyilezhaay *
(You) nappinnai (The Lord's consort) lady     beautiful (please) wake up .

ukkamum    thattoLiyum than^thu                           un   maNaaLanai *
Fan (and)  mirror      give (to us) (please also wake up) your husband (The Lord)

ippOthE        emmai       nIraattu
right now (so) us (we can) bathe .

El                                Or empaavaay
Come (Let us do) (the penance of) paavai nOmbu

Translation   By Dr. V.K.S.N. Raghavan

Oh Valiant Lord , who removes the tremblings of the thirty three (crores of) gods , by going to battles (on their behalf) and by being in front of them (in such battles)! Kindly awaken from sleep .Oh Lord , who cares about our protection , and is fully equipped with enormous strength and valour ! Oh Lord , blemishless and pure, and the One who defeats with vigour Your enemies ! Kindly awaken. (now turning to His consort, Nappinnai ) Oh the great Lady Nappinnai , possessing a charming physique --with a jar-shaped soft bosom , enchanting rosy lips and slim waist! Oh the embodiment of Goddess Lakshmi! Be pleased to rise up. May You give us a fan , a mirror and Your Lord as well , and at this time itself , may You help us to take our (ceremonial) bath .

Commentary   By Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchari Sadagopan

Dear BhakthAs: This Paasuram is the final one awakening Nappinnai.Lord is also awakened here along with Nappinnai this way :

"aasritha vishayE aarjava-saalin! sathru-jana bhaya dhAyin ! svaccha svabhAva! Jaagruhi !" SeppamudayAy ThiRaludayAy , SeRRArkku veppam kodukkum VimalA Thuyil-yezhAi) Upanishad BhAshyakArar's Sanskrit Translation of the third and fourth lines of the 20th ThiruppAvai Paasuram.

"sampuDa sadhrusa virahAsaha maardhava-yuktha kucha sONAdhara-sookshma-madhyamE ! NeeLE! Samatha guna poorNE! hE SrI:! thvam Jaagruhi!" ( Seppenna menmulaic chevvAic- chiRumarungal , Nappinnai NangAi ThiruvE ThuyilezhAi) Upanishad BhAshyakArar's Transalation of the Fifth and the Sixth lines of the 20th ThiruppAvai Paasuram.

Background Comments on this Paasuram (PerukkAranai Swamy) ********************************************************* This 20th Paasuram houses the thoughts of Upanishads and Geethai.The Paasuram starts with MakAram ; in "ambaramE TannIrE" (the 17th paasuram ), akAram was the starting aksharam ; in " Unthumadha KaLiRRIN "(18th Paasuram, UkAram was the prathamAksharam. Thus together the first letters of the 17th, 18th and the 20th paasurams (A+U+M)constitute the sacred Pranavam , the essence of Vedam.The 19th paasuram (Kutthu viLakkeria) comes in between "U"(18th) and "M"(20th) paasurams .The 19th paasuram stands thus for the Vibakthi over the combination of the letters "A" and "U". Thus together the first letters of 17th to 20th Paasuram signify by integration the holy Pranavam ,which houses the artha panchakam doctrines inside it .

This sacred PraNavam also contains the essence of three kinds of relationships between BhagavAn , PirAtti and the Jevans inside it ( sEsha-sEshibhAva Sambhandham / Supreme Master-servant relation, adhAraadhEya Sambhandham/ the supporter and that is being supported relationship , niyanthru-niyAmya sambhandham/ commander and that is being commanded relationship). Here niyanthru is the Lord and the niyAmyan is the bhruthyan (servant or Daasan).

Individual Paasages of the Paasuram ************************************

Muppatthu Moovar: The 8 Vasus, 11 RudhrAs , the 12 AdhithyAs and the 2 Asvini dEvAs add up to the Thirty three (Muppatthu- Moovar) gods.

Munn senRU: Oh KrishNA ! You should protect us even beforeharm comes our way , just as You do for the Muppatthu Moovar.

Kappam tavirkkum KaliyE!: Oh Proud and valorous Lord , who stops the tremblings of the dEvAs , who fear their enemies. Kappam is derived from the Sanskrit word , Kampanam(Trembling).

SeppamudayAi: this salutation recognizes the kalyANa guNam of Aarjavam ( nErmai ) of the Lord , the Sathya- parAkramasaali.

ThiRaludayAi: the Saamarthyam and competence of the Lordas SarvalOka Rakshakan is being celebrated here.

seRRArkku veppam kodukkum VimalA : BhagavAn has equanimity (Sama Buddhi) towards all in general, but when it comes to the enemies of the BhAgavathAs , He destroys latter. For instance , Lord NarasimhA did not kill HiraNyakasipu for displaying enimity towards Him , but for mistreatment of His Bhakthan, PrahlAdhan.

VimalA: There are Four interrelated words here : Amalan , Vimalan , Nimlan and Nirmalan. Amalan means the One who destroys our sins. Vimalan means the One without the dhOsham of Aj~Nanam .Nimalan means One who is fearsome to approach by His enemies. Nirmalan(Ninmalan) means the One , who does not have the dhOsham of looking for faults in those , who seek His refuge.The Usage of the Naamam for the Lord here as "Vimalan" means that He is AadhippirAn .Swamy Desikan explores in great detail the Significance of the Naamam of Vimalan in his commentary on ThiruppANar's AmalanAdhipirAN Paasuram (Muni Vaahana BhOgam).

Sepenna Menmulaic chevvAic chiRu marungal Nappinnai nangAi: This Paasuram paasage salutes the samudhAya anga soundharyam of Nappinnai PirAtti.

ThiruvE: Nappinnai is addressed as MahA Lakshmi avathAram here. Actually She has involvement in PurushakAra kruthyam ( the act of intercession with her Lord to protect the Jeevan) just as BhUmi and Sri Devi. That is why the AchAryAs say: "Samastha JananIm VandhE".

ukkamum TattoLium tanthu : Ukkam is fan for Bhagavath Kaimkaryam (ThiruvAlavatta Kaimkaryam done by Thirukkacchi Nampi for Lord varadarAjan ). TattoLi is mirror, which is part of the ShOdasOpachAram for the Lord .Even today in Srirangam , the mirror is made of bronze and is shown before the Lord daily as a sign of wishing Him Subha Mangalam.

unn MaNALanai ippOthE yemmai neerAttu: Please help perform our vratham related ceremonial bath through Your dear husband , who is Sarva karma SamArAdhyan .He should bless us with Moksham. He should not treat us as AprapannAs , but recognize us with Your intercession as true PrapannAs and should bless us with kaimkarya PrApthi and Jn~Ana vikAsam ( the kaimkarya SaamrAjyam and blossoming of the Seshathva Svaroopa Jn~Anam). That is the NeerAttam, Bhagavath samslEsha anubhavam that we are seeking . Please bless us ( Thyuil YezhAi).

ANDAL, Azhagiya Singar ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam , RaamAnuja Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan