Town Charter

There’s an extra in this week’s edition of The Carrboro Citizen

We published the Charter of the Town of Carrboro. Well, most of it. We wanted to celebrate our first Carrboro Day as a newspaper in a special way. So, we got down to basics.

The two-and-a-half pages in the paper detail the changes, modifications and additions to the town Charter since the last extensive re-write in 1987. You’ll find how the town organization and elections, it’s authority to regulate business, levy taxes, fees and a lot of specifics.

What we left out of the paper — the full text of section 2.1 — is pretty interesting as well. It’s the physical description of the town with language like:

running thence southwestward along the center line of Smith Level Road 750 feet to the center line of Morgan Creek, then along the eastern right-of-way of Smith Level Road 2,550 feet to the northern right-of-way line of Culbreth Road; running thence along the northern right-of-way line of Culbreth Road South 76° 24’ East a distance of 357.24 feet, thence to the center line of the Culbreth Road right-of-way South 13° 36’ West a distance of 30 feet, thence South 48° West 189.88 feet along the eastern property line of . . .

It’s on the Web version.

Link: Charter of the Town of Carrboro

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