Cindy Sheehan has lunch in Carrboro

Word got around the wires last night about a noontime lunch at Weaver Street Market with Cindy Sheehan. She’s on an impeachment tour and wanted to have a chat with Mayor Mark Chilton.

Updating as it happens and probably having a nice salad at the same time. Do not know if we’ll see a counter-protest, which happened in Charlotte. (Not sure what the duck was all about.)

N&O story here.

Here’s a Raw Story bit with a clip from Hardball.

USA today says she’s gone a little overboard.

Here’s Al McSurley’s essay in a recent Citizen. From his letter about the Cradle of Impeachment:

GRIM believes the best way to place impeachment on the front of Congress’s table is for the citizens of Carrboro, North Carolina, and the nation, to demand Rep. Conyers update the Articles of Impeachment he already has written and get on with the hearings. To remind us of our citizen’s duty, we suggest a simple local step. Several years ago Mayor Eleanor Kinnaird dubbed Carrboro “The Paris of the Piedmont.” I believe she would not mind if Carrboro, at least temporarily, were remembered with another name: “The Cradle of Impeachment.” GRIM suggests the Board of Alderman and your wonderful new paper adopt this as Carrboro’s official nickname — at least until November 2008.