WebXR Gardens

We can make 3D models in VR "by hand" (tested in Oculus Quest 2, ThreeJS lib is used). I hope it is possible to make an exhibition site where you will be able to make your VR Gardens. Any suggestions or comments?

Oculus Quest 2 "Hand Works" (NURBS based flowers)

Lily Bouquet. Lily texture and Lily colors editors. You can edit petal colors.
We need an artist to make more accurate colors (and shapes). E.g. how to choose DirectionalLight intensity and direction?

Lily Cartoon Bouquet, Toy Bouquet, Lily and Lily bud (bud 2) editors.
NURBS patch and Violet.

VR Lathe Flowers

VR Animated Lathe Flowers (webgl), Bouquet (webgl) and Tiny Garden (webgl). Free lathe.js lib (github.com) is used.

Comments for VR "Gardeners"

3D flower links

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