Exploring Chinese History
- Philosophy -

Across history, Chinese philosophy and religion has influenced the growth of the Chinese people as a civilization. The very culture takes from the writings of Confucius, Mencius and Buddha. Nearly two thirds of the population looks to one of these in everyday life decisions for guidance. The teachings of Feng Shui dictate the layout and design of every major city in China and the surrounding area. Much of what is taught today as philosophy around the world comes from 2500 year old manuscripts written in Chinese and translated into every major language. More than a quarter of the earth's population practices Buddhism as its major religion. In the sections below, much of what is regarded as the basis for these philosophies and religions are examined.

A brief introduction to Chinese philosophy
A period of cultural and intellectual expansion
Ethics and metaphysical exploration
Ethics and philosophical systems taught by Confucius
The art of life in areas of alchemy, astrology, cuisine, martial arts, traditional medicine and fengshui
An approach to the analysis of legal questions
A variant of Marxism-Leninism as developed by Mao Zedong


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