Exploring Chinese History
Pronounciation and conversion tables
Etymology, gramatical and written form origins
Languages that are spoken in and around China
The written word as a high art form
Revolution had a profound effect on literature
From ancient folk songs to modern free verse
Cannonical texts that represent the basis of Chinese culture
Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor and bronze adornments
Early human remains at Zhoukoudian
Animal bones used 3,000 years ago to help make important decisions
Neolithic communities who lived around Shandong
Promintent dig sites yielding a number of artifacts
Articles are from Archaeology Magazine
A brief introduction to Chinese philosophy
A period of cultural and intellectual expansion
Ethics and metaphysical exploration
Ethics and philosophical systems taught by Confucius
The art of life in areas of alchemy, astrology, cuisine, martial arts, traditional medicine and fengshui
An approach to the analysis of legal questions
A variant of Marxism-Leninism as developed by Mao Zedong
Buddhism was founded in northeastern India and based on the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama
Jewish settlers are documented in China as early as the 7th or 8th century
The largest Muslim ethnic group in China is the Hui
Christianity in China has developed since at least the 7th century CE
A religious practice based on the belief that one's ancestors possess supernatural powers
China recognizes 56 ethnic minorities and cultures
China's population by demographics and numbers


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