Exploring Chinese History
- Government Documents -

The governing body of any country is essential to the history of its people; it makes the history, sets the precedent and provides the stage.

This chapter is split into four sub- categories:

Imperial Government
Declarations made by the Imperial government
Instrument recording the several Propositions considered by the two Contracting Parties, and the action which both agree shall be taken
Framework which effectively removed Chinese control over the island of Formosa
Reverses portions of Treaty of Shimonoseki concerning the province of Fêngtien
Republican Government (including Taiwan)
The instrument which brought an end to 6,000 years of Imperial rule in China
Framework which removed provisions of Japanese control over the island of Formosa in the Treaty of Shimonoseki
Provisions for US-Taiwan relations after official recognition of PRC
Complete text of the constitution
People's Republic Government
Joint declarations concerning the relationship between PRC and Japan
Provisions for UN recognition of both PRC and ROC member states
Complete text of the constitution
Other Documents
Instrument describing the 2/28 incident which began a 38-year long period of martial law
A series of declarations concerning diplomatic relations between PRC and United States
Treaty confirming the recognition by Japan of the puppet state Manchukuo


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