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This is a non-technical Onebase FAQ


What is Linux?

Linux by itself is only the kernel which forms the backbone of a operating system consisting of hardware drivers and support. It is Free and Licensed under GPL.

What is Onebase Linux Project?

The Onebase Project, is a Linux kernel based operating system with its own package management and administration tools


How is it different from Windows (TM)?

Onebase Linux is an operating system like Windows(TM). It is easy to use and provides numerous applications, tools and hardware support.

However Onebase is very much different from Windows(TM) and has some cool advantages over it. Some of them are:

  • Free software - Saves thousands of dollars even for a desktop user
  • OpenSource - Modify and improve existing software
  • Choice - Full of options for instance different desktop environments
  • No Install - Run hundreds of software without installation (OnebaseGo LiveCD)
And many more pros over Windows(TM) you will come across when you use it..

How is it different from other Linux distributions?

This Project was started with the basic motive on NOT to be called as "another Linux".

In addition to having a significant amount of its own features, this project is also collective in its efforts to bring the best out of other distributions into Onebase Linux. Some of the features that distinguishes it are:

  • Package Management System - This formed the basis this project. A versatile package manager with seamless support for binary and source packages. It enables easy management and updation of the system with robust functionality.

  • Onebase Portal - A comprehensive system management center that is modular and provides various tools for desktop, hardware, system, network and package administration

  • Infrastructure - A remodeled boot system and improved file-hierarchy with per package folders (under /OL-apps) yet fully maintaining UNIX compatibility.

  • Specialized versions - Onebase Linux provides different installers like Net-Installer, HD-installer that comes with OnebaseGo LiveCD. And regularly introduces special LiveCD editions such as for Games, Development etc..

  • More features - Other stuff includes - System Restore points, Automate Tasks, Security Updates, Network OLM, Concurrent Installs, Beta gallery and much more..
Onebase Linux provides a complete good experience and this difference is only known when using it. Read the feature pages for more details

What does it deliver?

Why Onebase features a Net-installer?

The installer of Onebase Linux is Net-based which means it provides you with a high-level of flexibility in selection of packages and mode of installation {source/binary}.

Also with this you can instantly download the latest packages available in OL-apps.

However the HD-Installer provided by OnebaseGo is contrast to this, it is fast, fixed and pre-configured. Which would be useful to users who need a quick install or with slow Net connection besides other advantages.

Is the OS intended for multiple purposes?

Indeed yes. It is a meta distribution and so with the OL-apps software gallery you can make Onebase serve you different purposes like desktops, servers, productivity, development, etc.,

A separate Beta gallery is also provided for enthusiasts to try and report fresh applications.

Can newbies and windows users try Onebase?

Onebase has been developed with ease of use as one of its objectives. The installation is simple and it comes with hardware detection. There are a number of configuration tools to assist you, including Onebase Portal. And many of its users are windows converts. However you should be willing to learn some very basic stuff about linux.

The Onebase Project highly recommends "OnebaseGo and Variants" for newbies.

Why OnebaseGo comes in different flavors?

OnebaseGo is the main LiveCD that is meant of for satisfying all basic computing needs. View its "features" page to know the important software included in it.

The special editions of OnebaseGo such as Games, Develop focusess on a particular field by providing more related software, documentation and tools for it.

For example, a programmer would choose "DevelopGo" since it provides lots of IDE, dev utilities, offline developer guides and over 11 languages to program with.

Is it all Free?

This Project provides Free services like Software gallery, inhouse Onebase applications, Community forum access to all users without any hidden or recurring costs. Besides this the Onebase Linux Net-Installer is GPLed and offered a Free download.

However inorder to maintain the project, all the OnebaseGo range of products are available for download by paying a single small fee.

Can different Go editions be installed in separate partitions?

You can install but unless there is a specific reason, it is not recommended as you will be wasting hard-disk space. And moreover, you can install any application from the software gallery or uninstall existing applications based on your needs.

Can I use a single copy of OnebaseGo in multiple computers?

OnebaseGo and its variants are released under "Group Licensing" (see "License" page for details). According this License, you are allowed install or use a single copy in multiple computers.

But it is not permitted to publicly distribute your copy in any manner like hosting, selling or sharing etc...

Tell me about the Project's release cycle?

At present a fixed release cycle is not followed. A new release of a product will be made available only if it has subsequent changes like updated packages, features and overall improvement.

However important bug-fixed releases are made immediately if it is vital.

Note: This release cycle does not apply to Onebase applications. Since the OL-apps software gallery is almost updated daily.

What are the ways to get Onebase Products?

Onebase Products can be either purchased from the online store as a Pressed CD copy or as a digital download directly from the Onebase servers.

Does the Project provides help and support?

Most questions are answered through user, developer documentation and WikiOne. Besides this, interactive support is provided by the Community forums, to discuss, report problems or post solutions.

Copyright 2003-2005 Onebase Linux Project. All rights reserved.
This is an opensource project licensed under GPL and Onebase Agreement