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Simply Insert the CD, Boot it and you are ready to play! GamesGo is a special flavor of OnebaseGo LiveCD meant exclusively for Gaming enthusiasts. It unviels the power and features of all types of opensource games.

  • Special stripped Desktop meant to accommodate more games
  • Does not touch Hard-Disk, simply insert the CD, boot and play games
  • New Theme! that provides a gaming look-n-feel
  • Automatic detection and setup of 3D acceleration drivers
  • Support for Nvidia and ATi Video Cards (with ATi cards well tested)
  • Comes with Multimedia support including important browser plugins
  • "USBdisk save" support is provided to save game settings and results
  • FlightGear - A high quality Flight Simulation Game like MS Flight Simulator (TM)
  • TORCS - 3D graphics car racing game on the lines of NASCAR
  • Celestia - This is not actually a game but real-time detailed Space simulation
  • VegaStrike - A 3D space game that allows you to trade and bounty hunt in a vast universe
  • Lincity - City Building Game
  • FreeCiv - Civilization based strategy game
  • Scourge - Rogue-like game in the fine tradition of NetHack and Moria
  • Frozen-bubble - An eyecandy fun bubble shooting game with music tracks
  • KDE games - A good collection of many classic and strategy games
  • Lbreakout2 - The graphical version of the classical brick breaking game
  • Tuxracer - The popular 3D edition of the penguin "ice skating" game
  • CannonSmash - A first person graphics Table Tennis "Ping Pong"
  • FooBiliard - An excellent 3D billiards game with sharp details
  • Kbilliards - Alternative billiards game for scaled down graphic cards
  • Bygfoot - An interesting Soccer Manager like CM!
  • GLchess - An OpenGL 3D version of GNU Chess to test your skills
  • Barrage - A static military gun shooting game
  • bzflag - A multiplayer 3D Tank Battle game
  • TuxCart - Action based cart racing game

FlightGear Simulator  

TORCS racing game  

Celestia Space simulation  

VegaStrike 3D action game  

Scourge a Rouge  

Play Table Tennis  

3D Billards exclusive!  

Battle with armed tanks  

Ice Skate with Penguin  

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This is an opensource project licensed under GPL and Onebase Agreement