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A complete entertainment system with various multimedia and graphics tools to create, edit or play.

  • A multimedia friendly desktop
  • Includes all the features of OnebaseGo
  • A number of WebCam drivers have been included
  • Drivers for TV tuner cards and DVB included
  • Browser multimedia plug-ins for streaming content
  • VideoCam drivers with Digikam

Audio Tools
Audio Players Software
Music Management Amarok
Audio JukeBox Juk
iTunes like Player LSongs
Winamp clone Xmms
iPOD connection Player GtkPod
Audio Editors Software
Music Composition and Synthesis Beast
Advanced DRUM machine Hydrogen
Sound Editing studio LMMS
Music notation editor RoseGarden
Audio Playback Editor Sweep
Digital DJ software Mixxx
Graphical Audio File Editor Rezound
Audio Miscellanous Software
FM Radio software Kradio
Record streaming multimedia Kstreamripper
Lots of Amarok scripts Amarok Plugins
Text 2 Voice Software KMouth
MP3 Tag Editor EasyTag
AudioCD to MP3 ripper Grip
Program to stream songs DarkSnow
Convert Audio Formats SoundConverter
Network audio streaming Muse

Video Tools
Video Players Software
Video Player Xine + Mplayer
Multiple Video frontend KMplayer
RealMedia Player RealPlayer
TV Viewing software KDEtv
Easy-to-use Video Player Kaffeine
Powerful VideoCam software DigiKam
Record Video from WebCAM XawTV
Mpeg4 Player MP4G Player
WebCam viewer Camorama
Video Editors Software
Non-Linear Video Editor KDEenLive
DVD Authoring Software KMediaFactory
Video Editing System Lives
Retouching tool for Videos CinePaint
DV format Editor Kino
Realtime Editing and Effects Jahshaka
Gnome DVD Editor DVDStyler
Audio/Video file editor Avidmux
Video Miscellanous Software
MultiMedia CD+DVD burning K3B
Converting media formats Konverter
Recoding Audio directly KHDRecord
Movie Catalog Software CeeMedia
VOB Movie file editor QcreateVob
Edit and Create subtitles Ksubtile
DVD subtitle ripper Ksubtitleripper
DVD Video Ripper DVD-Rip
Avi to VCD format converter Kavi2svcd
Motion Detection Software Motion

Graphics Tools
Graphics Editors Software
3D modelling and Animation tool Blender
PovRay Modeller Kpovray
PhotoShop like Imaging software GIMP
Collection of graphics tools KDEGraphics
2D cartoon animation software KToon
Photo Management Tool Lphoto
Vector Illustration application SodiPodi
SVG based Drawing Tool Inkscape
Create stitch patterns KXstitch
Free MatLab Clone SciLab
Fractal generation tool GnoFract4D
ComicBook Viewer QcomicBook
Powerful 2D CAD Editor QCAD
3D CAD Software GCAD3D
Computational artwork tool Fyre
Distributed model rendering Dr. Queue
Modelling tool K3DSurf
On-screen capture tool (.avi) XVidcap
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3D Modelling  

Movie Catalog  

Video Re-Touching  

CAD Software  

CD/DVD Burner  

Audio Tool  

Multimedia Studio  

Drum Software  

Video Player  

Video Editor  

Copyright 2003-2005 Onebase Linux Project. All rights reserved.
This is an opensource project licensed under GPL and Onebase Agreement