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OnebaseGo provides a complete working operating system in a CD that satisfies all basic computing needs apart from special Onebase features.

  • A full fledged pre-configured KDE desktop suite
  • Uniform Look-n-Feel with all the applications
  • Browser plug-ins like Flash, Realplayer, QuickTime and other Media installed
  • Improved hardware support and detection with Udev and HAL
  • Improved bootup-time with new bootsystem
  • New CD read-write filesystem with integrated unionfs
  • Improved Onebase Portal - System Management Center
  • Install a ready-to-use production desktop in around 15 mins
  • Once Installed, it becomes a fully functional Onebase Linux operating system
  • New Reiser 4 "fast" filesystem support
  • Partition and Resize Hard-disk using QTparted
  • After installing, get free access to one-click software repository
  • Save your OnebaseGo CD session's data and settings using this program
  • Automatic restore and setup of data from USBdisk during bootup
  • Works almost with any USBdisk and without erasing any existing data
  • Occupies very less space with compression and the USBdisk is not formatted
  • OnebaseGo CD with a USBdisk makes it a complete portable OS to carry around with you
  • Docking, is an easy 3-step remastering process which modifies your OnebaseGo permanently
  • The Docking program guides you through the entire process to uninstall or install applications
  • Unlike other remastering tools, you can perform this from the LiveCD without HDinstall.
  • Dock-Install/Uninstall-Undock will produce a new OnebaseGo ISO ready to be burned
  • This does not disturb the existing data in your Hard-Disk when it temporarily resides

The major software included with OnebaseGo are

Internet Multimedia
  • Browser : Firefox
  • Bittorrent Client : Bittorrent
  • Instant Messenger : GAIM
  • FTP Software : Gftp
  • IRC Client : Xchat
  • P2P Client : Apollon
  • Email Client : Kmail
  • Media Player : Kmplayer
  • Audio player and organizer : Amarok
  • Sound jukebox : Juk
  • Video Conferencing : GnomeMeeting
  • Plugins : Flash, QuickTime, Realplayer
  • Games : KDEGames
Graphics Office
  • Photoshop like Imaging tool : GIMP
  • Publishing software : Scribus
  • llustration tool : Sodipodi
  • Paint Tool : Kpaint
  • Office Suite : Koffice
  • Finance manager : Kmymoney
  • Information manager : Kontact
  • HTML Editor : Bluefish
Administration System
  • CD/DVD Burner : K3B
  • Anti-Virus : Klamav
  • Configuration Tools : Onebase Portal
  • Partitioning Tool : QTParted
  • Optimized Kernel : Kernel 2.6
  • Configured Desktop Suite : KDE 3.4
  • X Server : Xorg 6.8
  • Package Manager : OLM 3.4 (New!)

Copyright 2003-2005 Onebase Linux Project. All rights reserved.
This is an opensource project licensed under GPL and Onebase Agreement