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AutoSetup guide    Last updated: April 15th 2005

This guide provides documentation on how to create and install Onebase using AutoSetup

Purpose of Autosetup

AutoSetup provides a fair amount of automated installation for Onebase. It can be very useful in situations where you want to install Onebase into many systems (that need not be connected to each other).

And also if you want to replicate the settings of a Onebase system, for instance you can duplicate your Onebase in desktop PC to your Laptop.

Create AutoSetup

Inorder to install Onebase via AutoSetup, you need to generate an Autosetup file using the olm-as program.

Creating an AutoSetup file is fairly simple, Answer a set of questions like packages, bootloader, installations.. and the file gets generated (with the extension .as) at /usr/src location.

  • olm-as -create : To generate an AutoSetup file

Duplicate AutoSetup

You can replicate the settings of the existing Onebase system if you want to have the same settings. The olm-as program generates a file called at /usr/src which contains information (non-personal) about the existing PC.

  • olm-as -duplicate : To generate autosetup with the settings of an existing Onebase

Install via AutoSetup

Copy the AutoSetup file to somewhere in the hard-disk (on the system where you are going to install) or upload to the web, so it is accessible when you are performing the installation. Then use the Onebase net-installer bootcd and choose the relevant option with the installos program.

After some initial manual configuration like specifying the hard-disk partition and filesystem, you will be asked to follow certain instructions.

These are, first connect to internet using: ol-connect program and then type autosetupos command. Before running the autosetupos command, you have to copy the autosetup (.as) you created to /usr/src location in this system and then autosetupos program will do the rest. You can get the autosetup file if present in web using command: wget.

  • wget location, where location is the web address of that file.
Note: Internet connection is required inorder to download packages..

  • autosetupos : Automate Onebase installation using autosetup files
After AutoSetup program completes its operation, confirm its question whether it completed succesfully or not, and then reboot your PC..

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