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Configuration guide    Last updated: April 12th 2005

Onebase provides configuration tools to assist you in many tasks. This guide explains the usage of these tools and how to perform manual configuration.

For managing Boot services

All the bootservices and bootconfiguration files of Onebase are placed in /OL-boot folder. You can enable a particular bootservice by entering the name of the service in /OL-boot/config/rc.setup file.

To disable a service enabled by Onebase, simply delete its symlink from /OL-boot/bootscripts/defrun folder

Set default desktop

If you have installed a desktop from OL-apps like for example KDE, Gnome, Fluxbox etc.. and you want it to be the default desktop when you boot Onebase, then use ol-desk program to configure it for you.

  • ol-desk : To setup desktop environments

Gallery based operations

This is related with package management for performing gallery oriented operations. Using ol-apps program, you can Update gallery database, Change repositories Stable/Unstable, Check binary package creation eligability.

  • ol-apps : For OL-apps gallery operations

Hardware configuration

Using ol-media program, you can configure your Video color depth, resolution. Set Video drivers and choose between OSS and ALSA sound drivers. Besides these support for selecting your mouse and setting auto fstab build are provided. And also switch between commercial NVIDIA or X based nv driver for nvidia video cards.

  • ol-media : To perform hardware configuration

User and Admin management

Add or delete users with settings, Change/Reinstall bootloader, Generate package datasheets of the software present in your Onebase system and Create a common menu entry for any application using ol-manage program.

  • ol-manage : For user and adminstration tasks

Keyboard and Environment locale

With the same ol-manage program you can set your TimeZone and If you want to configure Onebase for a non-english keyboard and environment settings.

  • ol-manage : For setting TimeZone and Keyboard locale

For autoloading kernel modules

Onebase recommends compiling your required kernel modules as builtins using ol-ki program. Which avoids the use of this setup.

Anyway if you prefer loading modules on system bootup instead of builtins then enter your module name in /OL-boot/config/rc.setup file -> MODULES variable

Printer setup

For configuring your printer install cups, gimp-print and also if any special drivers available for your printer in the gallery. The easiest way for configuring the printer is by using the kprinter program of the KDE desktop suite.

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