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Infrastructure guide    Last updated: April 12th 2005

This following guide provides information on the main Onebase infrastructure elements, which is essential for any Onebase system administrator to know.

Filesystem Hierarchy

Onebase uses a modified filesystem hierarchy while mostly maintaining the traditional UNIX tree. The below structure shows the top-level file hierarchy introduced in Onebase Linux 2005.

  • /bin
  • /boot
  • /dev
  • /etc
  • /home
  • /lib
  • /mnt
  • /OL-apps
  • /OL-boot
  • /OL-manage
  • /opt
  • /proc
  • /root
  • /sbin
  • /sys
  • /tmp
  • /usr
  • /var

Onebase specific folders are explained below:

Software (/OL-apps)

In Onebase, the OLM installs each package in its own seperate folder in the /OL-apps directory. And then creates system wide symlinks to maintain traditional UNIX compatiability. This makes it easy to maintain and also the end-user would get a clear picture on the software contents and perform configuration and fix issues more faster by just going to the appropatiate software folder under /OL-apps.

Moreover the UNIX/linux compatiablity is not broken in any manner since OLM creates the appropatiate symlinks for that software. This keeps the software more secure and preventing it to mess with other packages. Also if any problem occurs, instead of reinstalling, re-generating the symlinks mostly solves the problem.

The symlinks occupy very negligible extra space, like for instance, a 2 GB Onebase system needs only 10 MB for its symlinks. Another advantage is, maintaining backward compatiability would be a very easy job for package maintainers using this file hierarchy.

Boot system (/OL-boot)

Onebase provides a seperate folder for managing the boot system under the /OL-boot folder. Which maintains all the bootservices, important startup, shutdown scripts and its associated files, configuration files and bootsplash themes.

This gives the end-user more insight to manage the bootsystem which is important to successfully administer a system.

Software Management (/OL-manage)

This is an exclusive folder meant for all package management related operations. The file hierarchy inside this folder is explained below:

/OL-manage/misc Maintaing miscellanous files used by OLM
/OL-manage/pkgbase Contains the package database, with subfolders for version, group and dependencies.
/OL-manage/pkgcache The cache folder for OLM
/OL-manage/pkgcache/binpkgs The created binary packages are stored are here
/OL-manage/pkgcache/cache Package cache used by OLM
/OL-manage/pkgcache/oldpkgs The removed old files are stored are here optionally
/OL-manage/settings Contains all the configuration files used by OLM
/OL-manage/workbox/logs Temporary logs are created here during package install
/OL-manage/workbox/pkgfiles The packages are compiled inside this folder
/OL-manage/workbox/pkgfolder The packages are temporarily installed into this folder before transferring to /OL-apps

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